Monday, October 01, 2012

chervon pumpkins.

Now that it is officially fall, I wanted to set our porch up with all the fixings. I put up the fun felt rosette wreath I made last year, and then had plans to put out pumpkins. I had been poking around on pintrest, and had found a few fun ideas for chevron pumpkins.

But the links kept taking me to the tumbler, or just end result pictures.

I figured I could figure it out, so I went to Home Depot to pick up a few pumpkins and some white spray paint, since I didn't have any, and came home and went to town.

And then I realized I had no clue what I was doing. So I opened up my inspiration pin and pulled out my green tape. I started by making 3 inch strips of the tape, and then just zig zagged them, ignoring the peaks. I decided it would be easier to cut the tape in the shape I want.

Once I had them in a layout I liked. I started to press them down and then took my scissors to cut off the tape so I had nice triangle points.

After all of the points were in tip top shape, I moved on to the second layer. This one was so much easier!  You just follow the same up and down shape, with about a tape's width between the first row and new row.

And again, I left it all willy-nilly. Don't commit until all the tape is on the row. And feel free to move one here and there.

And then, when you have what you like, go ahead and cut those peaks. Repeat until the pumpkin is wrapped. Mine were on the smaller side, so I only needed thee rows.

And from there you spray paint your desired color. I chose white. But I made an amateur mistake here- I opted for the $.89 spray paint. Because I am a cheap wad. Spring for the $1 more spray paint, it will work so much better!

But, I was happy with the little guys once I painted them.

And they look so cute on my porch. Welcome fall! Now only if it would cool down a bit!

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