Monday, September 17, 2012

day 3 | münchen (zugspitze)

I was so super-nervous before our trip because I had kept checking the weather report, and it kept coming up cloudy and RAINY. Expected for the whole trip. It originally put a damper on things a bit because we had plans outside of museums and palaces to tour. And we usually leave for trips with a general idea of what we are doing each day of the trip, so we can purchase tickets and such ahead of time. One of our must-do's on our list was to visit the mountain Zugspitze- the highest peak in Germany. And we wanted to try our best to visit on the clearest day, so we could see while up on top. (Not to mention access was 45 euros each- so we didn't want that to go to waste!)

So we checked out the weather on the night before, and it looked like the next day was going to be our best bet. So we woke up that morning, got in the car, and hit the road.

And we were smiles the whole way because the sun was shining, there was not a cloud in the sky, and the views were amazing! You can't beat road tripping in Bavaria!

Our travel book had said that you drive to the town Eibsee, and then catch the train which takes you to the gondola. We didn't have an exact address, but we assumed there would be a sign to show where the train station was.

But, once we got to Eibsee, we couldn't see any signs or evidence of the said train. So we kept driving straight, and then realized we were on the road that took you to the gondola itself. It was only a 15 minute drive or so, and then we found ourselves at the Zugspitze gondola parking lot. Worked in our favor for getting lost!

In true Christina fashion, we arrived right around when the place opened, so there was no line. We paid for our tickets and waited a few minutes for the gondola to come get us.

Once the gondola was back, we loaded up, and in a few short minutes we were at the top. The views were stunning. I don't like heights, but did totally fine on the car dangling from a string. It was questionable when we went over the tower (holy swinging) and I was pretty sure we weren't going to fit in the little hole that the car was going towards at the top (we did)- but it was a quick way to get to the top to get our vista on!

Once we got off, we did what we do best, wandering and taking photos. It was so amazingly beautiful up there. A little nippy (I wore an odd assortment of clothes that day) and a lot of wind. But man, oh man. Stunning.

We decided to enjoy the view over some coffees, so went inside and parked it by the window.

Once we downed our coffee's we went back out, and took in the views. This time stopping at all of the fun sights and taking pictures. One great part of Zugspitze is it is on the border of Austria and Germany. So you can walk back and forth. Sort of crazy to be straddling two countries at once!


After a few hours, the place started to fill up, and clouds started to roll in, so we thought it might be time to go. We again opted for the gondola down because it was so darn quick! (I believe there is a cog train to take- but we realized that as we were on the gondola back down.)

When we hopped off the gondola we were amazed at the long line that had formed throughout the building. We again were thrilled we beat the crowds (here's to hoping when we travel with kiddos some day, they cooperate with the early rising!)

We decided before we would leave, we'd wander around the area for a bit. Right by the gondola is a lake, so we took a stroll over there. It was so peaceful. We both thought it would be fun to stay here for a week and just chill on a paddle boat with a book and a margarita.

After a leisurely stroll, it was time to eat, so we got back in the car. Oh, and I forgot to mention- we learned how to reverse! It was a tricky little bugger, and you had to pull up on this button while moving the stick shift to the left. Of course it was documented.

We drove back to Eibsee and circled the town a bit before settling on Italian. We scarfed down a yummy pizza and caprese salad- then wandered the town a bit. Eibsee is super cute- but oh so closed on Sunday. So we did a lot of window shopping.

elephant alert. 

After our tour of the town, we hopped back in the car and went back to our hotel. We still had a decent amount of time left, so we decided to explore the area near our hotel. Our hotel was very close to the Oktoberfest grounds. During non-beer drinking times the Theresienwiese area is basically a big dirt field. But fun to see nonetheless.

From there we wandered west, into a more residential area.

staircase to nowhere.
COOLEST park ever. 

Then we hoped on the Bahn, and went to get thai food near downtown Munich.

Then walked back to our hotel, finding a McDonald's right next to a Burger King.

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