Tuesday, July 24, 2012

day 1 | sfo

Our trip started before we even left. We decided to stay at a hotel near the airport the night before our flight. This allowed us to not have to worry about waking up so early for our flight, but also allowed us to park at the hotel for the 2 weeks, free of charge. All in all, the hotel ended up being about $10/day for the span of our trip, so it was a great deal. We also had a shuttle to the airport, and free breakfast. Not too shabby!

But before we could leave, we had to get the pets ready. Elliot was spending the night at the vet boarding facility, and Riley was going to chill the night at our house. Ryan's parents picked them both up the next day for a fun-filled 2 week stay at their house. Before we left, Ryan was smart enough to film them for a few seconds. We watched this epic movie about 26,893 times while we were away. Turns out we missed the buggers.

We were so stoked about our first night of our trip, that we took a photo. We love you Homewood Suites!

The hotel was also amazing because it came with a free bag of microwave popcorn. It's the little things, really.

So we made our popcorn, watched some tv, and then went to bed. We probably should have spent more time enjoying our hotel- as it was the nicest place we'd stay on our trip. But, we were too excited to get out of town. We woke up around 5ish, grabbed our free hot breakfast, and jumped on our shuttle. Our first leg of the flight was uneventful- on time, no issues.

We stopped in Philly, and again, things went smoothly. We even had time for some food and a photo. So excited!

Then we boarded the plan. And then the thunder and lightening started. Rats. We had to wait outside the gate for awhile, and then they rerouted us to another exit from the airport. And then once our plane made it's way over there, we had to go back. But, good news was, we were able to take off- and to Munich we went!

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