Monday, May 21, 2012

hoop dreams.

From the minute we bought our house, I had plans to take down the basketball hoop. I don't think hoops should be adhered to the front of a home. Not a look I like at all.

Ryan on the other hand liked it, and said he would use it. In the past year, he used it once- and scuffed up the garage. So it was time for this monstrosity to go.

This weekend, Ryan took our crow bar to the sucker. And after a few nudges, it fell to the ground, never to grace our house again.

But we were left with this.

You win, hoop. You win.

And to the previous owners of our house. REALLY? 25+ nail holes and four big gaping holes is what it took to keep this thing up? Joke's on us. And the stucco team is on their way.


  1. Umm, i actually used it three times. You need to check your facts.

  2. I was there for two of the events. The hoop separated your house from the other mundane domiciles on your street.

    R.I.P. basketball hoop. You were too beautiful and awesome for this world.

    1. So sorry for your loss. I told Ryan if he finds a wheelie one, we can keep it in the backyard, and wheel it out for special occasions. Or. You can go to the park.


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