Wednesday, May 23, 2012

hall bathroom progress.

Last time we talked the hall bath, we were re-painting the color to Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray (color matched at Lowe's to their no VOC Olympic paint), and updating the light (with a slight hiccup). And we never provided progress shots. Because I'm pretty bad with that : )

As a reminder, here is what we started with.

Then with the few updates, we were left with this:

Looking good right? I loved the color, and loved the mirror + light + paint combo.

But, the other week we went from good, to destroyed.

Yep, that's right. We have moved on to bathroom reno #2. When we bought our house, we assumed our second bathtub had a shower. Because, let's face it, they all do. Well our house was an exception- and it was a fun little surprise we found after the fact. So tip for all of you house hunters- when you open the curtain, look UP!

We were going to put the job off for awhile since the second shower wasn't 100% necessary at the moment. For the few overnight guests that we get, they can certainly use our master bath shower. But, we had a plumbing + loose toilet seal mishap that lead us to pull up the nasty linoleum tile flooring. So we decided since we were going to re-tile the floor, we might as well knock out the shower as well. We are going to do all the tile ourselves, and hire a plumber to extend the pipe. We don't mess with plumbing. Nor electricity. Yikes.

The bathroom tub area is almost all the way gutted. And who knows when we will finish this job. We don't have a deadline, and choose to work on it when our allergies are too bad to be outside.

So stay tuned. But in the mean time, here is our plan! For the flooring we are going to use the same neutral tile we have in our bathroom. Then for the shower, we are going to use white subway tile. I l-o-v-e white subway tile, so I cannot wait for this to be completed!  I still need to decide if we are going to use a white grout, or a gray color. Good thing is, I have some time to make that decision.



We'll keep you posted on the updates, but I imagine this will be "in progress" for some time!

Monday, May 21, 2012

hoop dreams.

From the minute we bought our house, I had plans to take down the basketball hoop. I don't think hoops should be adhered to the front of a home. Not a look I like at all.

Ryan on the other hand liked it, and said he would use it. In the past year, he used it once- and scuffed up the garage. So it was time for this monstrosity to go.

This weekend, Ryan took our crow bar to the sucker. And after a few nudges, it fell to the ground, never to grace our house again.

But we were left with this.

You win, hoop. You win.

And to the previous owners of our house. REALLY? 25+ nail holes and four big gaping holes is what it took to keep this thing up? Joke's on us. And the stucco team is on their way.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

well hello.

I know, I know. We fell off the face of the earth. From the looks of it, I wasn't inspired beyond some dried mangoes and our house's birthday. Wish I could say I was off on some crazy adventures, but truth is I have been just plain old lazy.  I get pretty lazy sometimes. Ryan can attest to that for sure. (I've been known to video conference him from the living room. truth.) Yes, I am a lucky girl for landing him : )

Anywho, we've got some exciting stuff lined up over the next few weeks and months. It is spring-summer, which means house projects, traveling, puppy trips and more. Hopefully I can get back in the saddle, blow the dust off my camera, and get  back to documenting life.

Some random thoughts.

I needed a good book to read. I love reading, but need a book that is easy to get in to. I've started to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about five times- and finally gave up on that one. I know, I've heard it's great. Ryan loved it. But it just wasn't for me.  Nor Elliot, she ate that one. Literally. So after a high from The Hunger Games (side note, LOVED that movie.) I needed something good. One of the blogs I follow posted her reading list, and she mentioned she had read Divergent.

She stated, if you loved the Hunger Games, you'll love this. Sold. I'm 44% of the way done, and so far so good. And yes, I am aware I have the literary taste of a 12 year old, but I'm ok with that.

I can't wait for next Tuesday to buy John Mayer's new album. Tuesday is gonna rock. Although, I'm not sure how I feel about his new hat.

Instagram should be called puppygram or catgram. Or better yet, Petgram. All I use it for is to take pictures of Riley and Elliot. But they are so gosh darn cute!

Till next time!
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