Monday, March 12, 2012

one year.

Saturday marked our one year anniversary/birthday/celebration of living in our house. In honor, we woke up and took Elliot to our favorite coffe place, and reminisced about last year.

Crazy to think just one year ago our house looked like this.

Fitting with our house celebration, we spent the whole day working on our french drain. We've been working over the past few weekends digging ditches and hauling rocks. Ah the life of a home owner.

Saturday was also another milestone for Ryan and I. We finally finished Big Love. Only took us three years- ha! I love that show because they use my favorite song, God Only Knows.

So cheers to one year of having a mortgage, and no free time! Wishing our house another great year full of memories!

Day we got our keys- 2011

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  1. is this the no-morblog? update yo life!


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