Wednesday, February 01, 2012

finally finished my chalkboard.

I've been working on making a chalkboard for our kitchen for a few months. I'm happy to say I finally finished last week!  3 cheers for crossing things off our to-do list. (Which can now go on the chalkboard!)

We had this wall space in our kitchen:

I had rotated a few prints that I have, but thought it would be way cooler to have a chalkboard here. A great place to write reminders, love notes, or when Ryan gets a hold of the chalk- random drawings + words.

I decided to go the route of a pre-made frame plus 'wood painted with chalkboard paint'. (Another option is to buy molding and build a frame). So to start the project, I did not have a frame that was large enough, nor intricate enough to work for the space. I wanted this guy big. So I hit up a few thrift stores and found the contender. It was a little pricey for a thrift store find ($35) but it was exactly what I wanted, so I caved in. [Also included was a neon-Venice painting, available to anyone who wants it : )   ]

After popping out the art, I pulled out my drop cloth and spray painted the frame. Green. Of course. A black chalkboard, green frame, and white chalk is absolute perfection.

Color of choice: Rust-Olem Eden (satin finish)

I didn't sand the frame, just wiped it with a damp rag, then went to town spray painting. I followed the process of many, very light coats. This worked well, and I had zero drips. I think I ended up doing around 8-10 coats. Patience was needed.

For the chalkboard portion, I went to Home Depot and picked up a light small piece of MDF. Instead of buying a large sheet, I bought one of the smaller ones, then had them cut it to size. It's so helpful to have them cut wood since we don't have a table saw at home!

The next plan was to paint the MDF with chalkboard paint. The cheapskate in me decided to originally buy chalkboard spray paint, versus a can of paint (a savings of a couple bucks).  After many coats on the MDF, I went back and picked up the can. I didn't like the way the spray paint was applying. It wasn't even and seemed to be coming off. (I assume it was user error, but the paint ended up being so much better.) I used Rustoleum Chalkboard paint, and a small foam roller.

Once the MDF looked good and coated, I put the board in the frame and secured it with bent nails. I had contemplated using liquid nails for a super-secure installation, but knew at some point I would want to change the frame color. And it will be so much easier to bend the nails back and pop out.

I added D-hooks on the back along with picture wire to allow it to hang.

Lastly I added rubber circle pads to the bottom corners so it would rest up against the wall without any scuffing.

Ryan then entered the scene as my master picture hanger, and we put her up.

I put on "M" on the top with a chalk pen. They are totally removable, but look spiffy. I found them at Michaels.

Clearly we are using it for the utmost important notes. Our names. And a heart. But we do have our 'to-do' list going.

It's been fun to have, and we are excited to use it!

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  1. Good hang!

    Love the chalk board and the detailed instructions and procedure for your construction method.

    Norm would be proud!



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