Friday, February 03, 2012

the amandas.

Last night I donated blood, which then gives me an excuse to chill on the couch for the evening.  With nothing promising on my DVR, I proceeded to channel surf (not something I do too often). Glad I did, because I stumbled on a little gem called 'The Amandas' on Style.


It's about a professional organizer and her team. The leading lady's name is Amanda. And she calls her employees "Amandas" as well. Once you get over that, the show is splendid if you love a good container, matching hangers, and a power-purge.

They are a little fancy-pants as they wear high heels and dresses as they get to work, but they get the job done. Going into people's homes and cleaning up their clutter is my cup-o-tea. I'd love to get paid to do her job!

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