Sunday, January 29, 2012

kate's elephant.

I love me some Kate Spade.

And I love elephant knick-knacks.

But this purse proves that combining your favorite things does not always equal one majorly-awesome find.


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

welcome 2012.

Hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful holiday.  We sure did- and are both slowly adjusting back into the normal grind.

We left for Chicago on Friday- it was nice to not travel on Christmas Eve this year. We appreciated the less-stressful version of arrival. The week was not unlike our other visits: church, Christmas, scones, games, pictures-on-the-wall, wine, etc. But, it is always so nice to be with the fam.

It also consisted of a lot of guitar, and a lot of Justin Bieber. Gotta love the Biebs.

We went shopping.

And of course went to Super Dawg. As any good trip to Chicago requires.

But the highlight of our trip was visiting the bean in Chicago. Fun. Had. By. All.

This trip I also read all three books from the Hunger Games trilogy.


They were amazing, and well worth the solitary confinement I put myself in on Monday to finish off the second and third. Can't wait till the movie!
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