Friday, December 09, 2011

birthdays rock.

I love birthdays. And I love my birthday. I love that it is near Christmas, because it makes this time of year extra-super-duper special. This year totally rocked, in more ways than one.

Since October of last year, I have been donating blood at the American Red Cross every 8 weeks. And every time I go, I come back and beg and plead Ryan to go with me. So for my birthday, I asked if he'd come- and he finally caved in.  So on Thursday night we both donated. (Minor detail that I forgot my i.d. and had to head home to get it.) Everything went well, and it was a nice way to celebrate a birthday!

Our red donor bandages

When we got home, I was tired from the donation, so I jumped in bed early. [So nice to get extra sleep.] I then woke up 27, with a pile-o-gifts for me!  Ryan left early to grab coffee + pastries, along with two other wonderful gifts. Earrings. And tickets to Death Cab for Cutie! For that night!

Work was hard to get through because I was so excited to go! But had a fun day with coworkers too. I also got a sweet delivery from the hubby.

I got home, got dolled up, and we hit the road. Traffic was at it's worst, so we didn't make our dinner reservations in the city.  But that's ok, Taco Bell was a close second!

The show was to benefit children, and we brought gifts to contribute for Toys for Tots. Ryan and I had a blast picking them out! (A classic set of Lego blocks and a doll with some accessories.)  Since this was a benefit show, the average age in attendance was 40. In fact, patrons right near us were knitting, and grading papers.

Death cab was wonderful. And the venue was nice- easy to see the band, and comfy seats. It was a fun way to celebrate my birthday.

I thought at that point, we'd head home.  But Ryan had other plans.  We got in a cab and ended up in the Tenderloin. Yikes.

But, to the super cool bar, Bourbon and Branch. If you haven't heard of this place, it is a speak-easy type bar. So it isn't marked- here is a photo of the place.


And to get in you need to make a reservation, and get a password. So the gang told me to knock on the door, say the super secret password, and we were in. The place is adorable- especially the bow-tie wearing host that greeted us. They only serve drinks, but legit drinks. In fact, it is a rule that you can't order a cosmo. Ha!


After two hours of fun, we walked back to the car and headed home. We tried to snap a photo, but this was the best we got.  Should have taken our x-shot 2.0!

The next morning I was treated to a delicious breakfast from Ryan's parents, then followed by a slurry of visitors. We made dinner at our house, popped the champagne- then hit the road to a local dueling piano bar.

Us girls had a blast, and we were thankful Ryan was our DD. But the piano players need to get with the times and learn the songs we requested (T-Swift, Bieber, Queen) - come on now!

So there you have it- a wonderful way to welcome 2-7!  Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family who helped make my day awesome!

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