Monday, November 14, 2011

somewhere over the rainbow.

When Ryan was an intern, he met Kevin.  Once he started full time, we attended a work-Christmas party where we met his girlfriend Dani. The first thing we both remember about her was she grabbed Ryan's hand, after spotting his wedding ring, and mentioned to Kevin that he needed to start hanging out with Ryan more. We both thought it was adorable. Later that night Dani and I bonded over lines from Teen Witch. It was a great night.

This past weekend we were lucky enough to attend their wedding.  It was nothing short of spectacular- but more importantly, showcased just how in love the two are and how the world is right when they are together.

I wish I had 10,000 photos to post. But, without our good camera in tow, my iPhone and pocket canon just weren't doing the job.  So, I decided just to soak it in with mental images (I know, a horrible thing to say coming from a photo-addict).

I did, however, capture this video of their father/daughter, mother/son dance. You can see how drop-dead gorgeous the bride was. How dapper the groom was. And what a talented husband I'm lucky to have.

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  1. That's soo awesome. I've known Kevin and dani since working at jamba with them. I'm so happy for them.


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