Tuesday, November 29, 2011

no self control.

When it comes to TV on DVD (or Netflix), I have a major problem.  I get sucked in and can't stop.  After one episode, I want to watch the next, and then the next, and so forth.

Ryan suffers too. I remember in college we got hooked on Lost and spent a good day starting, and nearly completing, a season.

My thought process is, I am going to watch it at some point, so may as well be now.  Total hours spent on the show will always be the same : )

I mentioned a while back I re-watched Felicity.  It was grand.  But, I'm on to new things, in the form of a Lifetime Original, Army Wives! (I have my buddy Brie to thank for it!) I'm not going to publicly admit how quickly I've progressed in the series, but I will say it's great. And I'm hooked. I even found myself on the Army website yesterday.  Yes, I may have a problem.


But with the cold weather, and dark nights, curling up for some good TV is always fun.

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