Friday, November 25, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a lovely & relaxing Thanksgiving! And hope the food coma wasn't too bad today.

This year Ryan and I stayed put and had our first on-our-own Thanksgiving.  Usually we are flying or driving somewhere to spend the holiday with family.  And while we missed everyone dearly, it was nice to get to relax at home.

We started the morning off by making breakfast. On the menu was pumpkin pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns and mimosa's.  A great way to start the morning!

The kids were also thrilled that we were home on a Thursday. It's the little things.

We took our gourmet breakfast and parked it on the couch to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  But we cheated- and had it recording for awhile before it started.  So we got through it fairly quickly.

The weather started to clear up so we dressed and cleaned up the kids so we could shoot our Christmas card.  I wanted to get it done, so was happy that the weather cooperated.  The photo will be revealed once we send them out, but let's just say Riley was not having it.

After we got back we got on iChat and talked with the fam.  Even was able to watch a dance performance from my bro.  Gotta love technology.

Then it was time to eat dinner.  But we cheated this year.  When discussing what we wanted to do for dinner, we decided that cooking a Turkey was not the way we wanted to spend the day.  So we thought we'd eat a slurry of Trader Joe's specials.  We ended up with some good grub: Turkey meatballs, sweet potato fries, mash potatoes, gravy, green beans, stuffing, crescent rolls and cranberry sauce.

The best thing about our meal? It took about 25 minutes to prepare. We even planned it out.

We also bought Riley and Elliot a turkey dinner. Theirs took about 30 seconds.

The result? It was fabulous!  Everything tasted great- and we didn't have to slave away all day!  So thank you Trader Joe's for dinner!

Lastly, I leave you with what we were most thankful for at dinner.

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