Thursday, November 17, 2011

dressing up.

Our friend's wedding this past weekend was ridiculously awesome. They had popcorn. And cake-pops. And blue gin & tonics. So I imagine that I will be talking about it for awhile. They also had a photo booth- and this was my first wedding-photo booth experience.  So fun!

My friend and I hand-crafted all of the props, so I was extra excited to get to use them.  I had my eye on the Princess Beatrice hat. Elliot did too.

She also liked the tea-party hat.

Yes, I torture my pets with embarrassing pictures.

But I do it to Ryan too, so it is ok.

I digress. I was so excited to use the photo booth, so I grabbed Ryan, grabbed my hat, and instructed him to grab a prop.  What does he pick? Black-rimmed glasses.

Here is normal Ryan.

Here is Ryan in disguise.

 Geez. But, it was fun had by all!

1 comment:

  1. Ryan's glasses remind me of Dad wearing the fake glasses, nose and moustache - Groucho Marx type - disguise! At one of his going-away roasts, they gave him one for the next time he wanted to interview for a job incognito! Cute pict!


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