Tuesday, November 01, 2011

dressing up, morblog style.

I hope everyone had a fun & festive Halloween!  We had a great time at our place.  My mom was in town (nice to have her around!) and our friends came over for dinner- we had a family favorite, Cincinnati chili.  So yummy!  We also had our annual showing of Teen Witch. We had basically no trick-or-treaters, and ended the night with a musical serenade.

Since we had a low key holiday this year, we didn't dress up.  I know- crazy!  It was nice to not have to run around town, but I do love to put together a good costume.  Since I have nothing new to share, I thought I'd reminisce on years past.

I've always gone all out with my Halloween costumes, even pre Ryan days. Check out this costume duo with my childhood BFF, Laverne & Shirley-

See.  It's not a joke.  I take costumes pretty seriously.

For our first Halloween dress up as a couple, Ryan and I went as Spider-Man and Mary Jane. And yes, Ryan had a spider-wed blaster.

A few years later we enlisted Scott to join us, and came as Harry, Ron and Hermione.  We did this costume about a year before it became popular- so it was fun!

We went to a party that year in Chico, and when we walked in, the whole room was silent because they loved our costumes.  It helped that Ryan looked slightly like Daniel Radcliffe.

All handcrafted by moi, and love that Ryan and Scott were on board!

The next year we channeled our love for the Beatles and went as John Lennon and Yoko Ono. For my inspiration, I went with their wedding garb.


And after scouring Chico, we came up with this:

Alone, people thought Ryan was Howard Stern. I get it.

A few years later, we debuted probably my favorite costume, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. For those of you not familiar, they are the family on TLC that has 19 kids, and counting.


We went as them when she was preggars with the 19th.  I've been intrigued by this family for years, so I was so excited to go as them. I loved this costume for the extra props.

I baked their family recipe, Tater Tot casserole, and we printed each kids photo, and put them in Ryan's wallet.  Slightly creepy to print, but was so great to pull out.  We even memorized the kids names.  Check us out!

For my baby bump I put a bike helmet under my shirt, here is a better view:

And last year, we went as Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise.  A childhood favorite. We even had the banjo. Oh snap.

So there you have it, Halloween's of yesteryear.  And, while we are chatting Halloween- check out these pumpkins Ryan and I carved about nine years ago.

Needless to say it took awhile. And isn't Marge the coolest?

Lastly, while Ryan and I didn't dress up- our kids did.  I leave you with Elliot and Riley, the cows.

Hope your candy was plentiful- and happy first day of November!


  1. I love seeing the history of your halloween costumes. It was fun spending time at your house and meeting Ellie. Dad brought Tucker and Jake to the airport to pick me up,and they almost jumped out of the car!

    Thanks for the hospitality.

  2. Great Morblog post. Love reading! Keep it up.


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