Monday, October 24, 2011


Ok, ok- this isn't a photo for the 30-day photo challenge.  Nice one Christina on making a proclamation with no follow through.  Give me a few days...

However, this weekend we were Weekend Warrior's, and tackled and started many fun projects. This included a handful of trips to Lowe's and Home Depot.

I was getting paint mixed at Home Depot, and the pre-teen girl in front of me was getting these four colors made:

I can only imagine that each bright color is going on one of four walls in her bedroom.  As Ryan stated, she is going to regret that in a few years.

But, alas, it is only paint.  And kudos to her dad for taking her and not saying a word about her poor taste in paint colors.  Not sure if I could do that! (Although I know my parents did the same when I opted for the brightest yellow know to man in my room- but at least it was the same color on all four walls!)

Hope your Monday went well- Elliot, Riley and I just finished watching Once Upon a Time on ABC. Enjoyed by all!


  1. Assume much? For all you know she's painting miniature houses for disadvantaged cats!

  2. nah, I'm pretty sure it was her room...


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