Monday, October 03, 2011

my family's so talented!

I've got a pretty rad family- especially in the talent department.  My mom can sew like no one I know, my dad can make anything [for real- and he'll tell ya : ) ].  My grandma could paint and my other grandma is musically inclined.  It's a nice gene pool to be a part of! And, probably where my crafty side comes from.

So it's no surprise that my uncle is talented too!  He's a great woodworker- and makes beautiful things. One of his specialties: cutting boards.  When I was down visiting last year, he said he would make Ryan and I one.  Thinking it was more of a pleasantry, I brushed it off.  But, when a Fedex box arrived unexpectedly Friday night, I knew exactly what it was!

It was our brand-spankin new cutting board- but made by my Uncle Hal! Check her out!

Not only is it so cool to look at, but the materials are great too!  The note they attached, seen above, stated the wood was renewable maple and black walnut from Michigan (from a friends property).  He sealed it with organic bees wax.  Gotta love earth friendly- hand crafted goods!

The cutting board also matches our kitchen so, so well!

But my favorite part is his logo/signature-

Ryan has already gone through orientation, so knows that this cannot be soaked in water, used as a hot plate, nor can we leave a soggy mess on it unattended.  We are passing this item down to our kids- so we've got to keep it in tip-top shape!

So there you have it- nothing beats home crafted goods created with love.  Thanks Uncle Hal and Aunt Beth!

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