Wednesday, September 28, 2011

waves to wine and some flat tires.

Thanks to y'all, Ryan was able to raise $1,085 for MS research! We couldn't believe everyone's generosity!  (Donations are still being accepted here.)

Beyond getting to help out a great cause, my husband kicked some major butt by completing 150 miles, in just two measly days!  Him finishing made all the husband-less Saturdays well worth it! (Although, I'm happy that the training rides are over, especially since every time he was gone some house catastrophe occurred- washer broke, house pipes clogged, etc.)

So for an overview of the weekend, we carbo loaded on Friday night.  This was the best for me, because I got to eat a ton, and didn't have to bike the next day! Then Ryan packed up his stuff.

The worst part, having to wake up super duper early on Saturday.  Once we got to SF, it was cool to see the whole production. Most people that ride, park their car and then give their baggage to volunteers, who drive it up, and you pick it up at the end.  I was happy to see this, cause that means next year I can sleep in : )

Ryan got his bike checked out, ate some breakfast and did other bike related things. Then his team lined up, the band started playing, and he hit the road.  Did I mention it was freezing?  It was.

Getting ready, although it looks like for a basketball game...

I went back home, feel asleep, and woke up around 11 to a call from Ryan, saying he'd be done in just a few hours.  I couldn't believe it!  So i packed up my things, grabbed Elliot, and we hit the road!  That's right, Elliot got to come with us- what a lucky dog!

There was terrible traffic, and I kept thinking it'd be faster to bike!

I got to the end just in time, with a few minutes to spare, and saw Ryan fly by.  I screamed and shouted, and he didn't even turn his head!  When I met up with him I said, "did you hear me call your name?" he said, "yeah, just didn't know if it was you."  Right, it was for some other Ryan...

After you bike 75 miles, you get a cupcake!

His team had a tent, so we sat down and ate some dinner.  Then we went to the hotel, and Ryan feel asleep.   I on the other hand watched Dateline, about a double murder.  Which turned out to be a bad choice of programming being in a shady hotel.  So, since Ryan was fast asleep, I put Elliot up on our bed to protect me- yes that scary Golden Retriever that she is!

The next morning went about the same.  Elliot and I found fun dog things to do. Such as walking around the campus and sitting at Starbucks.  She had a lovely weekend because everyone at the bike event wanted to pet her.

In the early afternoon we got a text from Ryan saying he'd be there in about an hour.  So Elliot and I packed up our coffee picnic and headed to the finish. After a short wait, he texted again, and then again, to say he was delayed.

Why?  Because he had 4 flat tires after 1:00 PM.  Yikes!  But, he was determined to ride through the finish, and that's what he did!

And for the finish!

So yay for Ryan on completing the ride- your girls are proud of you!

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