Thursday, September 01, 2011

how we organize our small bathroom.

Summer is winding down, so that means it is time to get back in gear. We've done a lot of projects over the past few weeks and I will slowly be sharing. So first things first.

Our master bath is small.  But, our whole house is small- so it makes sense. We came from the mecca of bathroom storage at our old place.  My oh my how we took all those drawers and the counter space for granted!

Our current set up is a sink, that doubles as a counter, and one cabinet. To say that I was a health&beauty product junkie is an understatement.  I had so many different types of shampoo, face wash, lotions- it was nuts.  We could run a CVS out of our home. So first I had to pair it down to the essentials, then I had to get creative.

My first thought of how to conquer the organization challenge was along the lines of a Martha Stewart tip I had seen.

I loved how it looked clean- but was smart too.  I loved the hooks for the dryer and flat iron.  So I went out in search of re-creating this in our home.

But it wasn't going to work. Our vanity isn't that deep, and a few of the shelves and pull out wire bins I found were too deep.  I also had pipes in the way.  And, when reality set it, my hairdryer, while small, just wasn't going to hang there without falling, or worse, messing up the door.

So I moved to plan B. It's called reality.  I went to Target and picked up every plastic container, bathroom organizer, kitchen contraption I could find.  And I took them all home, and played with my options. I tried containers with drawers, and containers that stacked.  I tried dish shelves and bins with lids.

When I found a solution that I thought would work, I kept all the tags on, and let the system work for a few days.  I'm happy to report that after a few months of our new small bathroom organizational rehaul

So here's what we got:

Yep that's everything we need.  And the plus side, the whole organizational system was well below $30.  Much more affordable then some of the wire slider options.

To the right we have two medium sized Sterilite stacking containers from Target.

These are great because they stack, but hold a ton.  The bottom container holds my hair dryer, brush, flat iron and curling iron.

The top container holds all of our bathroom/health products. So in the morning we pull out the top bin (which allows easy access to my hair care items) and then when we are done getting ready, back in it goes.

We were having a problem losing some of the smaller items, so I purchased a utensil holder for a dryer rack, attached it to the side, and now it helps to organize everything.  It's really nice to have an aerial view and easy access to these items.

To the left of the piping we have two Sterilite medium plastic containers from Target the hold things like our razors and hair clips.  They make a great base for my makeup station.  I don't have a ton of makeup, thanks to the awesome Kirkland line at Costco.

But I wanted something that would hold the brushes, hold the makeup, and fit nicely on top of the other plastic containers.  So I found the best solution at Target.

It's supposed to be hair dryer holder, but I thought it would be the perfect solution. And for $9 I was sold!

The sugar on top, after getting all of our health and beauty items under the sink, we were still able to fit in the garbage.  So there you have it- how we organize our small bathroom!

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