Thursday, September 15, 2011

suck it up.

We inherited a super cool Oreck vacuum from Ryan's grandpa when we moved into our apartment. He had spent a small fortune on it, and wasn't using it.  We didn't have a vacuum, so it worked out well!

I never thought I'd own an Oreck at such a young age, but it was a great vacuum.  Made of quality parts and super, super light.  Seriously people, the 8lbs is crazy!  And so it went, until we moved into our new place.

Our house had new carpet put in before we purchased the place.  It's probably a carpet one wouldn't pick, but by not having a choice, we really like it.  When I explain it to people, it sounds gross.  But I swear it isn't.  It has a longer pile, and is neutral, but has flecks of tan and browns.  Told ya it sounded disgusting. The carpeting is nice though, because it is super soft, and hides dirt well.

The downside?  With the carpet being longer, our poor little Oreck just couldn't take it.  We did ok with the vacuum for awhile, but when Elliot and her hair entered our lives, it was time to bid our Oreck adieu. The tipping point was when I borrowed Ryan's parents Dyson, and saw all the yucky stuff our Oreck left behind.

So it was time to research vacuums.  And I was super excited to do so.  Oddly enough, I love vacuuming. Out of any household chore, it is my absolute favorite thing to do. Ryan always says I'm a lot like Monica from Friends- and I think what solidified that for him was the episode where she is vacuuming, and then wanted to vacuum her vacuum. I get it.

I digress. My research began with borrowing the Dyson. I've heard mixed reviews from a lot of people about the Dyson. People either love them, or think they are a piece of junk. Funny how it is so mixed. What I liked about their Dyson was how cool it looked, and it seemed to pick up well.  I didn't like how it shut off when the handle was up past 45 degrees, didn't like how the hose is the handle, and I didn't like the price. Yowza.

Paying for a Dyson would be ok if we felt it was worth it, but Ryan and I just didn't quite see it that way.  Also, after a thorough research online, I found a few other alternatives, priced much lower, that seemed to fit the bill.

So we settled on the Hoover WindTunnel Max Multi Cyclonic. It was rated the top vacuum by Consumer Reports this year for a bagless upright.  It also had great reviews at all the major websites (Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, etc). So I went to Target to check it out.

It was great.  It had the tools on board, a cord keeper, a very clean way to empty the canister, it could adjust for carpet length, and the plastic around the brushes was clear- which is a plus when you have a golden retriever (to be able to monitor hair clogs). Playing around with it and the Dyson's and Eureka's- I knew it was the one.

But of course I shop around, and scored at Costco. Same vacuum for about $50 cheaper. Nice!

So we bought her, took her home, and she seems to be doing well.  It's so much easier than our old vacuum, and nice to see the pet hair getting all sucked up.

The icing on the cake?  I decided to give it a shot and sell our Oreck on Craigslist. It worked great, and was still a good item. I always figure start high, and negotiate down.  So I put it up for $100 (since it was purchased for $700 about 5 years ago) and I got a bite within 30 minutes! Done!

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  1. Do you think Tucker and Jake would benefit from the Hoover?


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