Wednesday, September 14, 2011

master bedroom lighting.

When we first bought our house- I was dreading our small room.  I was having nightmares about how our bed wouldn't fit- it seriously kept me up all night.  Now that we are here, and more settle (yes, the bed fit!) I am really loving our smaller sized room.

I'm a true believer that your bedroom should be just that- not a home office, not a project zone- your bed room.  This is a reason why we don't have a TV in there either.  We want our room to be calm, relaxing and tranquil.  So the small sized room, after some creative storage solutions, really makes for a great space.  It can't become a war zone- because there is no room.  And, it has really allowed us to cut out the clutter, because we have no place to put it. It's also been fun to turn our odd mis-mash of bedroom items into a grown up room.  We've got big plans people!

We've purchased our nightstands, but had the smallest lamps known to man on them. Not good.

pardon the messy bed. And note, this was taken while building the night stands!

Our nightstands are bulky, and I wanted chunky lamps to top them off.  So I spent a lot of time scouring websites and shopping my favorite go-to stores.  I found a few that were ok, but not 100% percent what I was looking for.

I then went to World Market, and left a happy girl.  They had the Green Adora Table Lamp marked down for clearance.  So originally priced at $49.99, they were marked at $30, and I had a %10 off coupon! Beyond being a great price (which included a shade and light bulb) they were exactly what I was looking for.

 The color worked, but I am not married to it- and may take a can of spray paint to them once we have the whole room figured out.  And the bases looked great with the nightstand. We also planned on that same color for a curtain rod- so it all worked together.

Beyond getting these great lamps, it was fun going to World Market.  They really have some great stuff there.

I really love this table, priced at only $199!

These would be great for throws in the living room.

And who doesn't love a good elephant product! So Cute!

It's always fun to revisit places.  If you haven't already, sign up for their rewards program- that's how I scored my coupon.

So now that the night stands and lamps are done, on to the next item!

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