Thursday, September 08, 2011

dear sally.

As of Wednesday I have officially begun to re-watch Felicity.  In a last-minute need to watch something while Ryan was working, I scoured Netflix on-demand and came up empty handed.  But then I saw the Felicity show, and that they had seasons 1-3.  Perfect!

It's been long enough since I watched the show originally to forget most everything that happened.  I'll have to admit, with the show starting in the fall, and based on the start of school, it aligns quite nicely with my other "put me in an autumn spirit" list.

The only annoying thing about the show? Ryan's constant need to remark about her hair cut.  (Even though I'm not at season 2 yet). Although, I always thought her short hair was cute.  And I am sure it was much more manageable!

I was always on Team Ben. But it is fun to watch the Ben-Noel-Felicity love triangle.

I'm also excited to get to season 4, because if I do recall, there was some whacky it's-the-future-I died-going-back-in-time hoopla.  Fun!

How about ya'll?  Did you watch Felicity?  Any shows you are re-watching?  I think next I might get back into Gilmore Girls.  Always loved that show.


  1. OMG - yes. I used to love watching this show when we grew up, but I'm right with you... I totally forget what happens. Don't know if i'll do a rewatch - but perhaps I'll catch some Lifetime reruns.


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