Thursday, August 18, 2011

the key to my heart, free stuff!

I'll take pretty much anything for free.  I get it from my dad.  Samples from Costco, perfectly fine house items by apartment dumpsters, online coupons- it's all gold in my eyes.

What do I love more?  Free stuff of things I actually use.  I watch that Extreme Couponing show and don't quite get why they go crazy over the 75 containers of ranch dressing.  They will never use it all before it expires.

So when free stuff comes my way, for things I actually use, it is a good day.  Such as this sweet note that the hubby left in my wallet-

Yup, that's for a free Starbucks- he knows me all too well.

A while back when we moved into our house, I blogged about tackling a few projects, and using Goo Gone.  Well the folks over there caught wind of my our blog through Google Alerts, and signed us up to be GooRu's- aka get a bag full of free stuff!

We were totally on-board.  A) it made us feel like celebrities that someone other than our family found our little blog, and B) Who can say no to free swag?-  Not this girl!

Our package finally arrived the other day- and it was all so exciting!

We got a shopping tote, a tee, sticker, towels, Goo Gone, and the coolest goo scrapper ever.  For real.

I was so excited, that I put my new gear to the test right away.  Enter our gross front door.  When we bought our house the door came complete with two plastic hooks.  I assumed they held some sort of wreath.  So the first day in, I ripped them off, but they left a sticky, 3-Dimensional pile of icky.  And there she stayed- until today!

Here's the before.  Yuck.

And after some product and my new scrapper, it's all gone!

Much better!  It will be nice to see this clean slate everyday- and I can't wait to use my new little tool!

*These are all our opinions- and it's the real deal.  We just love to share when we love something! 

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