Friday, July 29, 2011

update on elliot.

Elliot had her surgery on Monday the 18th, and recovered remarkably well.  She had a day of sleep (Tuesday) and was pretty much back to her normal self on Wednesday.  Her appetite hasn't been huge, but we've pegged it as a result of the surgery, 2 weeks of antibiotics and being abandoned.  I wouldn't be hungry either!

She also had to wear her cone- it was so funny, and sad at the same time.  Poor Ellie!

However, on Sunday we got the results back from our vet, stating that the tumor was indeed malignant.  Our vet wasn't that great communicating with us, so I contacted the facility to see if we could see another vet.

We saw our new vet on Tuesday, and had a much better experience.  He told us that while it was 'bad' news, it was the best it could be.  He said her cancer was low grade, meaning not likely to have spread.  Also, the surgeon was able to get the tumor plus clear margins, stating that it was highly unlikely that it had spread.  He said based on the research he has done, chemo isn't a guarantee to help at all.  His suggestion was we'd just keep an eye on her, to see if any new tumors form.  This was something Ryan and I were happy to hear.  We weren't too excited about the prospect of chemo, and deciding if it was something we could do or not.

So to celebrate the better than expected news, we took the kids on a car ride- so happy they both get along!

So here's to Elliot, and many happy and healthy years to come!

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  1. She is sooo cute! And I'm so glad you guys got good news. I think Ellie needs to teach Max how to get along with cats.


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