Friday, July 15, 2011

miss ellie.

On our anniversary day, Ryan and I filled out our application to be hopeful parents of an older golden retriever. We knew it would be awhile till we were placed (if at all with a dog)- but we were excited nonetheless.  The rescue said they would call us in a few weeks to follow up on our application.  It had gotten to the point where I was going to call and see where we were at, when a friend of ours posted this picture, asking if it was anyone's dog.

I immediately responded, if you don't find her owners, I'll take her.  And, I wasn't kidding.  Well, she called me later that night and asked if I wanted to come over and meet her.  So Ryan and I jumped in the car and head over.

She was so sweet, and small- and was just the dog we were looking for. She was found tied up to a tree, after being there all night- so her family ditched her.  We couldn't say no for a trial adoption.  We had to repair our fence, but said we'd come over and take her the next day (since they already had two dogs on their hands).

Our #1 concern was for this gal,

While we knew she wouldn't right away be ok with a new member in the house, we couldn't have a dog that was out to get her.

So we picked up the dog the next day, and crossed our fingers for a peaceful encounter.  The dog jumped in the car, and loved the ride (a definite must for any dog of mine) and we took her home.  We opened the door and found Riley sitting on the couch.  The dog came in, and walked right past her.  At first we thought maybe the dog couldn't see- but turns out, she just doesn't care about cats.  It was perfect!

Riley was taken aback at first- as she hasn't been around many dogs, but she has since settled in pretty well.  That weekend we took her to a local dog-friend downtown, and got coffee.

It was awesome.  I've always wanted a dog to take around with me. And as Ryan and I were sitting there, with our friend Matt, life felt content and great- it was nice!  She was so good on the leash, and let anyone pet her.  She also loved all the free cookies that the stores had.

So we had a great weekend with her, and took her everywhere we went, and boy oh boy does she love the car- gotta love our travel-friendly pets!

So Sunday we took her to the vet, and that's when the happy-go-lucky spirit ended.  She had a lump on her tummy, and we noticed it, and pointed it out to the vet. She immediately said "I don't like this- because it is on her mammary gland."  Me being me, started bawling (you'd think this was my life-long dog) as she explained the different routes we could take.  There is a 50% chance it is malignant- and the treatment for that would be a mammary gland removal chemo and radiation.  It's very intense for the dog, and what I've read, doesn't seem to be a guaranteed fix.  While we love our pets, we have to be realistic about their care and our finances.

So, we decided to do a blood test, get some x-rays done to see if we can see mass spreading, and take the lump out to test it.  She also needs to be spayed.  Her blood work and x-rays came back all clear- and her surgery is set for Monday.  We'll keep you posted on the outcome- but we hope miss Elliot (Ellie) can be a happy dog with us.

Moral of the story- listen to Bob Barker, and spay your pets!  If you don't they have a very, very high chance of getting mammary gland tumors!

And don't tie your pets to a tree.

By the way, the other great part of being dog-parents now?  Getting to buy the Martha Stewart line of pet products!


  1. She's so cute... and tiny! I hope everything goes well on Monday. Mom

  2. I can't wait to meet Ellie! I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you guys.


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