Thursday, July 21, 2011

fooling the dog.

It's funny as you enter new life stages- new items become must haves.  Things that you would have never thought would have mattered to you.

But they do, and they change your life.

Much like my corner painter, or Goo Gone, or recycled toilet paper from Costco.  I know, all funny stuff to get giddy about.

And with the addition of our dog, Elliot, I have a new found obsession for Greenies Pill Pockets- and this has just come about in the past day.

Ellie has a personal pharmacy here at our house.  Between her glucosamine, allergy meds, antibiotics, steroids, etc- she has quite the cocktail.  And, as of Tuesday morning she decided she didn't want to take pills any longer.  I had remembered seeing the pill pockets at the vet, so I jumped in the car (still in my pjs mind you) and picked up two bags. [I'm slightly worried my dog parenting style will transcend to human kids...]

And I'm happy to report that they worked wonders.  They have the texture of cookie dough, so you can create a "pocket" around the pill.  It sure beats my messy peanut butter/cheese/bread concoctions that I had been using.

So thank you Pill Pockets- you've saved the day!

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