Wednesday, June 08, 2011

this little light of mine.

Our house came stocked with builder-grade bathroom lights. While functioning, they were not “pretty”. So they had to go!

We wanted to conquer our guest bathroom first, since we had been working on the room. We had gone to Lowe’s and Home Depot, and found the best, most cutest light at Home Depot- for under $20. It was great, and we loved it!

We went home, took down the old light, and I went to town painting the area around the electrical box by flashlight. What a challenge that was, as there is no natural light in this room! Once we were dry, we pulled out the tools to install our new fixture.

Then we ran into our first hiccup. Our bathroom had been updated once (clearly not super recently, but gosh, wonder what its original state was!?) And in the reno, they moved the sink over to left a bit- but not the electrical box. This was ok then, because the new light they put in had a long rectangle backing, not needing to be centered. But our new light had just one circle back, to cover the box. Deeming it not centered with the vanity.

Bummer. Thus, we were left with two options. 1) move the electrical box or 2) get a new light. We decided a new light would be the easier route. We then made our rounds to Home Depot and Lowe’s, and found nothing. Either they had the circle back, or they looked like our current fixture. We even went to a store solely selling lamps, and came up short.

I remembered there was an Ace hardware near us that had a bathroom showroom, so I figured we might as well go check the place out. Turned out to be a great idea, because we found the perfect light- and it was priced right too! To make things better, they had a larger version of the light that would work great in our master bathroom! (Found here at Home Depot (for waaay more $$$$)).

We picked up the two lights, and head back to our place to start the install. I wish I could say it was easy from there- it wasn’t. We had some shoddy dry-wall issues, but after a day-long battle, my newly-handy husband was able to get the light up and working!

I decided my time was better spent creating a video to mark the momentous occasion!

We have a few more things to conquer in the bathroom- then I will show an "after" picture.  But good news that our light is up and working!  And like every other project, it took 10x longer than anticipated!

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  1. Love what you did with your bathroom. Can't wait to look at it when everything is done.


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