Wednesday, June 15, 2011

suit up!

As you know, we bought a piano a few months ago. Our original plan when scoping out a piano was to ultimately paint it. Like these cute guys:

But, when we bought ours, for some reason we felt guilty about painting it. For now, it works in its color (a black/brown)- and painting it does seem like an awful lot of work. So we wanted to dress is up, but through a less permanent route.

The seat came with a white vinyl,

and I knew I could update the seat cheaply and easily.

Since it was Ryan's piano, I needed his ok on the fabric, so he came with me to JoAnn's [did you know that the place is actually just JoAnn, not JoAnn's??] and we walked the aisles to find something. Originally I was thinking an upholstery fabric would work bes.- but nothing was popping out at us to coordinate in the room. We then walked by the suiting fabric, and spotted a gray pinstripe. It was perfect! The colors worked great in the already gray/black/white room, and the pattern didn't compete with our show stopper drapes. Best thing, Ryan was on board. Second best thing, it was on sale!

Since I never know how much fabric to buy, I bought a yard, which came to about $4. (Ended up being about 3x too much fabric!) When we got home I grabbed my staple gun and scissors and went to town.

But, we had a minor hold up in the form of a sticky residue. It was all over the bottom of the seat, and I didn't want to get it on the new fabric.

Ryan's favorite organizational solution!

It was nothing that a little Goo Gone couldn't handle, and then we were back in business!

I cut the fabric, put the seat on top of the backside, and just stapled away. Since the pattern was stripes, I had to be careful to not pull the fabric too much, or else it would stretch the stripes.  But overall, easy peasy.

And, we were left with a much fancier version of our piano bench. (Pardon the horrible pictures- our lack of light in this room does not make for great shots!)

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