Monday, June 06, 2011

the saga continues.

I told ya'll about my plan for our night stands in our master bedroom.  I thought I was brilliant when I decided to order one of each, and return the loser.

Well joke's on me.

The first problem occurred when Target ran out of Legs (in black).  Must have been a popular choice.  Actually though,  I was leaning towards the Home Depot chest, so I wasn't completely bummed.  Sometimes it is nice when a decision is made for you.

I came home from work so excited to put together the dresser.  After an hour or so, she was up.  And it was horrible!  This size was fine.  But Squat was a piece-o-crap.  (Disguised by her price tag!)  The drawers were supposed to sit flush, like this picture here:

But instead, they were crooked and jank.

And for $300 + shipping, I was not a happy camper.  This piece was obviously going back to where it came from, but I decided that it was not a great piece of furniture like I was hoping.  So I disassembled Squat and took her back to Home Depot.

And then I was back at square one.  Lovely.

I decided to check out Ikea, to see if maybe they had a normal nightstand that would work.  I had seen a popular hack that people have done of the Rast dresser.

But when I was on their website, I found this little guy:

Yep, meet Vallvik, or Vik for short.  He was the answer to my prayers.  Just the right size, the right number of drawers, and a price tag I could love- only $100.  I don't know how I missed him on my initial sweep of my go-to websites.  So I checked the stock at our local Ikea and hit the road.  I grabbed my cinnamon roll first, and walked around the store.

It was everything I hoped, so I snapped a photo of the location in the warehouse and carried on.  After a leisurely stroll I grabbed my cart, and hit the aisle.  And what I found: only 1 left!  I couldn't believe it.  I checked with a worker, and sure enough they were completely out. So I bought one, and went on my way.

After putting him together and deciding it was indeed perfect, I order his pair at  For $20 shipping, I couldn't beat that- as gas and my always necessary trip to the food court would be about the same price.

But, when my box arrived looking like this,

you could say I was about ready to blow my lid.

I decided I couldn't wait any longer, so this past weekend Ryan and I jumped in the car and went to pick up his sibling.  He is now home, safe and sound, and free of dents and dings.  But holy cow, it took awhile!


  1. I like the night stands! That process sounds frustrating, but it's good you are happy with the ones you ended up with! I wish we had an Ikea closer to us...

  2. haha- it totally was! I'll have pictures soon, I realized I forgot to take one with our night stands all set up. Oh well- the distance of your Ikea just makes each trip that much more special!


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