Friday, June 03, 2011

recap on graduation.

I hate getting back from a trip and then getting back into the grind so quickly- makes it feel like you were never gone!

I had a great trip home, to celebrate this guy's graduation:

I arrived late Friday night.  Was picked up by my dad, and met my sis at the airport.  We went home and ate skinny pizza.  A family staple.

Saturday was a lazy day, and we ran errands to prep for Andrew's graduation.  Including a stop at Wal-Mart and the party store for an air horn, whistle and bike horn.

This trip was also marked by protein.  My bro has grown out of being the skinny kid to being the ripped kid.  So he was all about his protein.  Or, I was bringing it up all the time.  Who knows which.  In anycase, he spilled it, and here is a photo of my mom cleaning it up.  (Note- In college, you don't have moms to clean up spilled protein.)

On Sunday- it was graduation day.  We all had to be showered and clothed by 10:30 so we could ensure to have good seats at the ceremony.  Before we all left, we took some photos of the kid.

hiding his beach ball
Then, Andrew went off, and we waited in the hall.

After what seemed like forever, we were allowed in the gym, where we waited forever again.

And that's when the fun began.  Suddenly alarms went off.  At first I thought they were fire alarms- some funny senior prank.  But, then I listen closely and it was an alarm that talked.  It was kind of hard to hear over the crowd.  We then saw a cop walk on stage and chat with the principal.

Then the cop went up to the podium and explained that extreme weather was headed our way, and they were going to move us to a weather safe area.  But, "us" meant about 5,000+ people.  At that point you heard an overall sigh and disappointment.  Including rumors that graduation was "canceled".  Me- I was freaking out, as I did not want to die from extreme weather is this crazy gym. 

They had the handicapped group go first.  Then once they were cleared, the cop returned to the stage and said it looked like everything was clear.  Then, he got back up, and said, nope, we are going to move people. The bleachers went first, where we were sitting.

We were led down sturdy, hot, muggy hallways- much like cattle.  Once we were almost all the way down, all of the cop's walkie talkies went off stating it was all clear and we could go back.  People flipped around, and charged back to the gym.  If the weather didn't kill us, the stampede may have!

We all were told to take our same seats.  Most people obliged, but one family saw an opportunity for better seats.  The police quickly attended to the scene, and made the scavengers leave.

Then the graduates walked in- Andrew is the second on the left.

Andrew, standing up in the middle.

Once they all took their seats, the ceremony began.  They had the usual mix of songs, and speeches.  Then the name calling began.  They urged us to hold our applause till the end, like they always do.  But this group did! it was nuts!  When a family heard their kid's name be called, they just sat there.  We had another plan.

The family trouble-making didn't end there.  Andrew had a beach ball, and was the first to throw it in the air.  It was immediately confiscated.

Andrew's turn!

When they called his name, we hooted and hollered and squeaked our bike horn and tooted the air horn.  Come on people- this is what graduation is all about!

At the end, Andrew decided to stand up.  Not sure why, but it made taking pictures easy.

Our noise items.

Parent pic!

We also decorated his car-

And had a graduation spread that night.

So excited!

So there you have it- the last high school graduation for this family.  It was fun, but we're all glad they are over!

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  1. Don't ask why - but I'm going back in time and reread this post. It's very cute :)


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