Friday, June 10, 2011

mirror, mirror, on the wall.

The first day we moved into our house, I took down all the mirrors in the guest bathroom. I was on a mission to pretty up the room, and went a bit nuts. It went from outdated, to crazy looking, and it was time to take it to lovely.

I wanted to put a smaller framed mirror above the vanity, and the medicine cabinet above the toilet made no sense at all. Hello toothpaste in the toilet.

So I figured if I wanted them out, there was no time like the present.  So for the last month or so, we've been living with this situation:

After I picked out my new paint color, and hung our new light, it was time to get the mirror up.

But first we had to go shopping! Originally we were going to install an in-the-wall medicine cabinet mirror. However, the mirrors were on the small side, and we were nervous about creating a huge hole in the wall.

So we went to plan B- just a mirror. And, if down the road we needed a cabinet, we could add that later. Our first stop was the bathroom aisle, and we found a few contenders, but at price tags well over $100. We weren’t too excited about those prices- and it meant we’d have to shop around. Before we left, we stopped at the general decor mirror section, and it was a pleasant surprise! They had far more mirrors, and at far better prices.

We decided on a black mirror, and we wanted it to be at least the width of our vanity. So we found this one, by Martha Stewart, for a measly $30!

 It was love at first sight-

 so we took her home, hung her up, and now our bathroom is starting to actually look good! (I know, I know, pictures to come!!!)


  1. whhhy are all of your household objects "hers"??

  2. don't know. Maybe b/c I am a girl. But, I think I use "guy" sometimes...


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