Monday, June 27, 2011

"it's good luck!"

Our wedding had a pretty memorable moment.  The sad thing was, I missed it completely.  But, the stories, photos and video have filled the holes for me.

Ryan and his crew, and Patty (our amazing wedding planner/coordinator) arrived to our beach location early.  Patty was there to help set up shop, and Ryan and Scott arrived early to set up the music.

When they got to our beach, they were greeted with this monstrosity:

Yes, those are people who were hoping for a lovely beach day, complete with a tent, umbrella, sandcastle and stick fence.   Bad thing was, nobody wants this right next to their wedding.  So Patty kicked them out (I'm sure with class!)  And from what I hear, they grudgingly cleaned up their space.

Poor Patty had to stomp down the castle, and remove all those sticks:

Once she had the beach in tip-top shape, our guests started to arrive, grabbed a drink, and sat down- awaiting for the ceremony to begin.  My dad, sister and I had arrived, and we were at the top waiting.

Patty signaled to Angela to start walking down the aisle.  Now, the aisle we had was long, and involved a staircase.  It was kinda cool actually.

So I figured it would take her awhile to complete the whole course.  But, she popped back up after a few minutes.  I figured they weren't quite ready, so she had just waited at the top.  When she came up, a few people walked up as well, and Ryan's cousin and uncle were headed down the stairs.

She then went down again.

Then my dad and I went down,

and our wedding went on without a hitch.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, once the music started, and my sister started to make her way down the stairs, the beach-going family found it the appropriate time to start making their way back to their car.  Their dog also found this the right time, after being dragged up the stairs, to relieve itself, #2 of course, right in front of Angela.  Luckily, our camera man Sonny (thanks again by the way!) caught the whole thing on tape, so I can share with ya'll, and see what I missed while at the top of the stairs.

So there you have it- the funny moment that was our wedding!  I love how everyone started with shear terror that our wedding was ruined, to laughing, to saying the poop on the aisle was good luck!

I also love these wedding photos, that while to an uninformed viewer would look normal, scream dog poop to us.  Gotta love it!

Happy tenth anniversary Ryan!  I love you!

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  1. I don't think I knew Sonny got the whole thing on video! That is awesome. I love Angela's reaction and that you can hear Ryan talking about it in the background. Don't forget about the dog peeing on the amp a little after we got to the beach!

    I can't believe it's already been two years! Congrats and happy anniversary!


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