Monday, June 20, 2011

how I met my husband.

June is our anniversary month- so I’m going to have a few posts around us, getting married, etc. Because it’s fun to reminisce, and we thought we had a kick ass wedding!

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (Sound of music anyone?) Ten years ago. Ya’ll that know us, know we met in high school. I know, I know, old news. But sometimes we get to thinking- how crazy is that? While we do know quite a few people who met in high school and have since been married, it still boggles my mind.

I don’t necessarily believe in soul mates, but there are SO MANY people out there. And to navigate through the masses, and to find a person that doesn’t get on your nerves after being around them 24/7, and being in the right place at the right time to meet them- that whole concept is crazy on its own. But throw in teenage naivety and high school- seems that much more nuts.

I moved to CA in 2000. Ryan lived here his whole life. I moved during high school -so I thought my life was over. Well joke’s on me, as it ended up being the best turn my life has yet to take.

Our high school had A and B days. It was technically my second day of school when I ran into Ryan- B day. I had biology as my first class. Since I didn’t know a soul, and I hated roaming the halls all alone, I went to class early as a safe haven. My seat was on the left side of the class, directly in line with the door. After I was settled in my seat, people started piling in. One person though, caught my eye. I saw the door open, and I swear to you the sun spilled in and created a glow around the guy. He was wearing a blue Vans shirt (which I still have), carrying a gym bag, and headphones on.

Looking back, this part always makes me smile. I’ve seen countless “cute guys” at school, and had some serious crushes before him, but I can’t remember that first time I saw them. And, Ryan and I didn’t have a moment. We didn’t make eye contact, we didn’t talk. He just walked in, sat down, and went on with his day.

He sat to the row to the right of me, but in the first seat. We had assigned seats in that class, so we were supposed to sit in those seats all year long. The next B day, the kid who was assigned to sit to my right, sat in Ryan’s seat. Ryan didn’t say anything (which now knowing him- makes sense!) and just sat next to me. When the teacher called role, he realized the mistake, but decided to just change the seating chart instead.

I started hanging out with a group of girls, and they invited me to go bowling. Ryan was also invited. We talked a little that day, and came to find out we lived in the same neighborhood.

Shortly after the bowling night, I was driving around town practicing with my mom, and Ryan and his mom were driving by in their van. Apparently Ryan found it hilarious that I wasn’t going the correct speed- 30 in a 40mph. He let me know the next day about his observation- but you can bet I loved the mockery!

From there we would talk in Biology about music, art, or our friends. I’d also take my dog on a walk when I saw his green van drive by after cross country practice in hopes to see him in his garage.

The time between the beginning of school, and the end of the school year, were mostly a blur. But I spent every day crushing on him- and it turns out he did too. While we both had other “distractions” for a few months, we both were smitten with each other.

One of our first photos!

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