Thursday, June 23, 2011

dress shopping.

I had flown to Chicago in 2008 to go dress shopping over 4th of July weekend.  While I ultimately didn't end up getting my dress there, it was quite the special time.  It was fun to be able to go shopping with my mom and sister.  It was also special because my grandma took the train all the way from PA to Naperville!  It was also her wedding anniversary weekend, so fitting that I was looking for my wedding dress.

Going in, I had envisioned I would be in a sweetheart neckline, strapless, ruched dress.  It seemed to be the style I liked most when I was looking through magazines.  I also was going to be cheap.  I really had a price limit on my dress, definitely under $1,000- but closer to $500.  It's funny when I watch "Say Yes to the Dress" and they call $2k-3k a "low budget".  Imagine if I walked in there!  For me, it wasn't the concept of "you wear it only once".  I think your dress is a very important part of the day, and should be treated as such.  I just had other things I'd rather spend a couple thousand on, for example our honeymoon to Italy, or to save for our house.  Plus, I knew I could find something I loved in that range.

We started at a few chain stores, David's Bridal and House of Brides.  It was a good place to start, as it allowed me to try on a  bunch of different styles to see what I liked, and didn't . I knew a drop waist dress didn't work for me- it also reaffirmed that this less-then-well-endowed girl needed a sweetheart neckline. I ended up not finding anything at David's, but did find a few at House of Brides that were more my style.

My grandma called this the "Is she, or isn't she?" dress

My mom had also scouted out a store that sold sample dresses.  It was a neat concept, getting way expensive dresses for cheaper, but their styles were all over the place.  I really liked this dress, and thought it would be so cute for a court room wedding.

We also went to a lady's house who made custom designed dresses.  In her house, I know weird right, but she was in between store locations.  She had a dress that I thought was "it"- I think was so focused on the top, that I ignored the bottom.  The top was the neckline I wanted, and the pleated fabric I liked.  It was hard to tell what the bottom was like, since the dresses are all so long. So when we got home and I looked at the pictures, I realized it was a mermaid shape- which didn't work.

We also went to Nicole Miller.  And I fell in love with a dress there.  The HG0013.  The cut was amazing.  And it fit me like. a. glove.  But, the fabric wasn't quite right.  It was an off-white color, and a wrinkly fabric.

I thought the fabric was a bit too trendy, something I would look back on a probably regret.  I also really wanted white. I thought it would pop more on the sand.

Had to try on my mom's dress!

I had to take a step back and really think about my venue.  It was going to be on the beach.  I needed to be practical.  I needed a dress that didn't have a long train, if at all.  I also needed something that looked more organic.  Nothing too shinny.  Also, nothing heavy, or that required me to be taller, since I couldn't wear shoes.

So alas, I left Chicago empty handed.  I decided to go out and look at a few bridal stores in Chico- I actually went by myself, which was kind of nice.  The store I went to had a ton of dresses.  I narrowed my piled down, and enlisted the help of my friends.

They came back to the store with me, and we were down to these dresses:

I still didn't know what to do, so I went online looking at a few designers that the store sold.  Then I found this dress.

Funny thing was, I had tried it on already, but didn't like it.  But looking at the image online, and the details- especially the sweep train, it seemed like it could be a great contender.

First time I tried it on.

So I went back, and had them put it on me, but make the neckline more of a sweetheart- and clip that dress to me like there was no tomorrow.

And I loved it.  In white of course.

Now over two years removed from the situation, I really think I made a great choice.  It worked wonderfully on the beach, yet it is void of any trends.  It's simple- how I like to roll.

Ryan said he liked it too- but I kinda think he would have said that regardless : )

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  1. Your dress was perfect for you and your wedding! You definitely made a great choice!


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