Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wrong color.

When we were replacing the toilet seal in our bathroom- I thought it'd be a great time to paint the walls.  With the toilet out, it would be so much easier to get behind the tank because it wouldn't be in the way.

And it was a great time.  And it was so much easier. But, the color was all wrong.  I wanted a gray/blue for the room.  Something soft and subtle.  I ended up with baby boy blue.

So I put the bathroom painting project on hold, and went on to tackle other projects.  A few days later I went and picked up a few other paint samples, as not to have the same issue I just had.  Our bathroom has looked like this since we moved in:

Just like a crazy persons house.  So this weekend I finally jumped the gun, and picked another color.  I've decided, good or bad, I am going to finish the room with the color I bought.  The finalist? Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray (color matched at Lowe's to their no VOC Olympic paint).

It's gray, but it has blue and purple tones- so it is pretty.  I have a few things to tackle before I can finish painting the whole room- so stay tuned.  But, the few strokes of paint I've put up, it is MUCH better then the baby blue we had going on before!

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