Friday, May 27, 2011

with love from 2001.

Ryan and I started dating in the summer of 2001.  We had a lazy summer of love.  I remember hanging out, soaking up the sun and driving around- but always to the beat of our music.

I can't say that the music that we listened to that summer was groundbreaking, or not embarrassing.  But I can tell you that anytime I hear these songs, I am immediately taken back to a summer in San Ramon, driving around in this:

or this

[Guess which one is Ryan's- hint: he drives a Jetta now ; )   ]

and eating our beloved Togo's:

A few years ago I put together the play list for Ryan.  I called the cd "with love from 2001"- cute, I know.   Since we are approaching our 10 year anniversary (!) I thought I'd share our mix with ya'll to take you back  to our summer-o-love.

Song list:

crawling in the dark
don't let go
dressed to kill
first date
hanging by a moment
hello again
hit or miss
island in the sun
make yourself
nice to know you
no such thing
o girlfriend
the rock show
screaming infidelities
somewhere out there
the space between
summer wind was always our song
wish you were here
your body is a wonderland

Clearly we liked Incubus.  And clearly some of these are slightly embarrassing.  You can link to the play list at Grooveshark here.


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