Saturday, May 14, 2011

a seal and some tile.

We got our keys on March 10th.

On the 11th we went to work on doing a few *small* things before we moved in.  I wanted to paint the office/music lounge/i'm-the-coolest-wife-for-letting-my-husband-have-this-room, room.  Ryan was going to work on replacing the toilet seals.

We did the first seal together.  I started prepping the room to paint, and Ryan started on the second seal.  I was the scrapper of the goo, with my new found love for goo gone and my handy scrapper.

What we found was discouraging.  Rot.  Yuck.  The toilet had been leaking, and it had soaked the underlayment.  We partially peeled a vinyl peel-and-stick tile to see the damage.  Me being me, freaked out.  So bad that Ryan's dad drove all the way to the house to investigate.  I was envisioning a bathroom rehaul costing us thousands.  I thought the house was broken.  In my defense, I've never had a house, and heck, it could be broken!

Ryan's dad said it wasn't bad.  And, it meant we would be getting a new floor.  Since Ryan's dad had tiled before, we knew we could do it ourselves and save a lot of money. So Ryan and his dad went to town the next day pulling out the floor.  I tried not to be near, because any hem or haw, and I was shot back to "freak out Christina", and she is a special breed!

At first we were going to leave in the vanity and baseboards, so they rented a saw that cut right up against these things.  But, once it was all said and done, we decided that taking everything out would be easier.  So the vanity went to live in the bedroom for a while.

The nice thing about removing the baseboards was that I could take them to Home Depot to have the color matched for touch-up trim paint.  Making lemonade out of lemons people!

Once the nasty floor, the second old nasty floor (yes, they put a new floor on an old floor) and the old underlayment were up, we were left with wooden beams.  The next step was to prep the floor to tile.  Ryan's dad had a day off so he came over while we were at work and cut the boards to size.  Ryan screwed them in with drywall screws (after first attempting with regular screws).

Then came the time to buy tile.  I know you all know by now that I save photos of decorating ideas.  But, when it came time to buy tile, I realized that I had basically zero photos of bathrooms.  I knew that I liked subway tile, but for a shower/tub- not the floor.  So I was at a loss. We decided since we didn't have a decor plan for the bathroom yet, we'd be better off going neutral, so then any decision we make later won't clash.

We went to Home Depot and Lowe's for the tile.  I checked out a local tile store, but they were waaay expensive, and didn't have much in stock.  And, what is with local stores and their crazy hours?  You should be open after 5pm and on the weekends!  It didn't really work for our time frame.  At Lowe's and Home Depot, you can't take samples, so you buy one tile of each style that interests you. We ended up with about 10 or so styles. (And later returned them of course.)

We put the samples on the floor, next to the baseboard.  We quickly  weeded out a few and were down to two.  We had actually both picked one that we thought we were going to go with. But we let it settle for the night.  The next day we reevaluated, and decided we had it all wrong.  We went with Roman Stone, Beige from Lowe's. 

It was more expensive per square foot, but with such a small area, our costs would be low.  We thought the look was richer, but neutral.  We were sold.  So we went to Lowe's to pick up the supplies.  Ryan and his dad followed your normal rules for tiling a floor.  And I wasn't really a part of this project.  But I know it involved leveling, spacers, grout, mortar.  Here are some photos of the project.

Then end result?  It looks fantastic.




We still have to put the the baseboards in, and have a few more things to tackle in the bathroom.  But the bigger picture- who knew my music-loving, computer-nerd husband was so handy!

Great job Ryan (and Ken!) and expect more project coming your way : )


  1. Great job on the bathroom floor repair. Looks like you will be ready to flip the house! (Just kidding) I am looking forward to seeing a blog entry for the roof repair.


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