Wednesday, May 25, 2011

office update.

It's about time to give you and update on our office/music room.  Let's be real, it's Ryan's room.  And Riley's.  She loves the sun that spills in during the late afternoon.

As planned, I painted the room.  It took me forever.  And that is no joke.  I spent at least two full weekends and countless weekdays after work in there painting.  Why did it take so long?  I have no idea.  But it did.

I primed the walls since the color was light- and did two coats.  One coat wasn't providing enough coverage.  I also didn't tape.  Which is odd.  I am a very use rulers, measure, level, stay-in-the-lines kind of girl.  And when I've painted rooms in the past, I used tape.  But I went to town without it, and it seemed to work.

In my painting shirt!
how I paint trim w/o tape!

When it was all said and done, these were my favorite tools.

Small paint brush- worked great for small nooks and cranny's and for trim/ceiling area

Shur-Line Premum Corner Painter- I'm not a fan of the way the paint brush left strokes on the wall, so this little guy was great for the corners.  Not only to get the paint all the way in, but it left more of a roller look.

The Shur-Line paint edger also did wonders for getting right up next to the moulding and baseboards.  It was so easy, and saved time to not have to tape.

We are happy with the color.  (But I won't be painting for awhile!)

We brought the desk and shelf back into the room.

We also picked up a small desk drawer system at Ikea, since our desk doesn't have room to store office essentials.  The piano also found it's way into the room, and fit great next to the book case.

You've seen the closet before:

But we added a shelf to accomodate and organize all of Ryan's musical equipment.

Last weekend we hung the curtains from Ikea- and we love them.  They were a bit sheer, so we actually hung another set of thicker white curtains behind them.  It does ok, I might line the curtains with liner sometime in the future.  But for now, it does the job.  The curtains help make the walls look their truer color, and adds a nice softness to the room.

And that's the update.  Plans for the future?  Well we need to get a closet door, and start hanging pictures.  We have a general idea of what needs to go where, but are holding off- since the holes are now in our walls.

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