Monday, May 16, 2011

new roof.

When we had our home inspection, everything was a-ok, sans the roof.  While a bigger ticket item then having to replace the seal under our shower door, it ended up not being a deal breaker.  Mainly because we got the bank to go halfsies with us on the purchase.

I don't have a great "before" shot.  I totally spaced on taking a picture of the front of our house.  So hopefully you can see what it looked like with these photos.

Hopefully you can see that the roof was a red color, looking not too terrible, but not too good either.  Please note the house didn't have gutters either.  Which, probably isn't too great for the foundation and drainage.

We weren't excited about putting on the new roof.  And, we were told in the inspection if could probably go a few more years.  But, we wanted it out of the way.  We didn't want to have to have the roof expense hanging over our heads for the next few years.  So we figured, let's do it now and start a clean slate.  So we sought out a roofer to take down the 2 roofs, put up a new one, and add gutters (yes, we had 2 roofs on this bad boy.)

We used Greg from Pacific Shingling Company, and we loved him and his team.  They were quick, fair and very knowledgeable.  The roof, like every other project, required a lot of decisions.  We had to pick out the color of the roof, gutters and downspouts.  We knew we liked a dark roof, but weren't sure if we should get black or a dark gray.  Greg ensured us that black will look the best for the longest- so we went with black.

They were so quick, that I have zero during shots.  I got a call on Monday morning at work that the rain had cleared, so they'd like to start on the roof.  When I got home, the roof was gone.  All three of them.  Yep, turns out, we had three.

The next day, we came home, and our roof was up.  It was quick.  But it looks great.

So we now have a new 30 year roof, gutters and a ridge vent.  While it is an expense we wish we didn't have, it does make the house look better!

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  1. A roof over your head is a lovely thing.

    Snaps for getting past one of many grown-up purchases that are zero fun and 100% FUNctionality (get it?!)


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