Saturday, May 21, 2011

a lack of storage.

If you feel discouraged
That there's a lack of storage here
Please don't worry lover
It's really bursting at the seams
For storing everything
from socks to under-tee's

(10 points to people who know what song that is- twisted to explain our current bedroom sitch.)

Anywho- it's time to work on our master bedroom.  When we bought our house, I was worried our bed wouldn't even fit.

No joke.  I had quite the sigh of relief when we moved it in, and still had room to walk around.

Our old room in the ole' apartment was huge.  Like we had a bed, dresser, couch and room to do yoga.  It was nice.

Our new room fits our bed.  And that is about it.  Our awesome dresser has found a temporary home in the garage (until we Craigslist it) and the couch has found a temporary home in our living room (until I decide how we are going to set up that room.)

The eventual plan for the master is to get an upholstered bed, some new nightstands, and some beautiful chunky lamps.  Much like these photos:

The bed will have to wait, but we need the storage space, so we need to get the nightstands asap.  We aren't getting a traditional nightstand- it is more of a small dresser.  I wanted at least three drawers, and drawers that could legitimately fit socks, underwear, undershirts, etc.

I spent a few weeks/weekends looking on craigslist.  Usually I found one that would work, but they didn't have a pair.  For this room, I wanted them to match.  I also took a few trips to our local consignment & thrift stores, and came up with nadda.  Sometimes those just don't work in the timeline.

So, I sought out the web, and found two contenders.  Meet Legs and Squat.

Legs comes to us from Target, and as you can see, has the name due to her lovely legs.

I love this nightstand/dresser and think the legs make it look delicate.  However, the drawers look delicate too, and as if they won't hold as much as I would like.

In the other corner, coming from Home Decorators Collection/Home Depot is squat:

Squat is super cute, and is versatile as I think she'd look cute in other colors down the road.  While she's bigger, she looks like she'll hold more.

Problem is, I like to try before I buy- or at least see them in the flesh.  Since both pieces are online only, I was a loss.  So, I ordered one of each.  That way I can see which one I like, and order the other.  If I hate  legs, she's on the first trip back to Target.  If squat can't fit the bill, we'll drop her off on one of our many trips to Home Depot.

I have a favorite, but want to make sure it's love before we shell over the dough.  And believe me, this is a HUGE step for us- buying slightly legitimate furniture

Stay tuned...

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