Sunday, May 01, 2011

c + r = photography?

Ryan and I don't claim to be professional photographers.  At all.  We just find photography fun, and we've dipped our toe into the pool.  I took a sweet online class (since I am a hands-on learner), and Ryan has read countless sites online with tips and tricks.  Together we can do OK.  But the only way to get better, is to practice.

We have no kids.  We have no nieces and nephews.  Nor do our families live nearby for impromptu photo shoots.  So our photography ends up being Riley or objects.

Or one of us alone.  It's getting boring.  So when my co-worker announced her pregnancy, I knew it was a golden opportunity to get some practice.  So I begged and pleaded for her to let Ryan and I take some photos of her and her husband.  And she said yes, that trooper that she is!

Our original plan was to shoot in a field of daffodils.  But, it got to be too late in the season, and they weren't looking as good.  So, we went to a spot I had used when I took my photography class.  But since it was spring, it was so much better.

During lunch I took my client (ha!) to the location, and she seemed excited.  It offered a lot of places to take photos, and to get some great varying backgrounds.

Next step was to test it out with Ryan.  We went last weekend around 6pm.  The light was great, but was on the dying side.  So we thought starting around 4:45 would give us more time to play (as we were going to need it!)  We both switched off shooting each other at the spots with our camera's.  We kept shouting "try and look pregnant!"  It was fun!

We felt like we had a good handle on the space.  Next up was posing.  We'd looked online at maternity photo shoots and found a bunch we liked.  We both tried to study hand placement, arm placement, etc.

So came the day.  It started out cloudy, but ended up that the sun held out until we were done.  We had fun.  But we were lucky that the two were so darn cute and photogenic.  (I was amazed at how many shots they had without awkward faces.)

We learned a lot.  We learned that professional photographers have a hard job.  It is hard getting the right settings, mixed with a perfectly focused and composed picture.  Then, trying to get unique shot- yowzers.  It's hard.  And posing, my oh my, what a feat that was!

But we also learned that we could do ok!  We had some cute shots, and it seemed that the two were pleased with the results.

I'm happy that Ryan and I had a chance to learn how to be more comfortable with our cameras, and it is touching to know that these photos will mark this time in their lives.  So without further ado, some shots:


  1. This is SO COOL! First off - preggers Ryan is my new favorite Ryan.

    Second - these shots are GORGEOUS. Well done! You can become their official photographer and do a follow-up session once the bambino comes. Wouldn't that be festive? (And a great way to build your portfolio....)

  2. Too bad we aren't closer. Max likes to be in photos. I love the photos of you guys trying to look pregnant!

    Keep it up... the photos are great!

  3. Yep. Pregnant ryan is great. I might frame the one where he is by the door. And, we are weaseling our way into their lives- I've already offered to take photos of them at the hospital, and when the baby is home. We are excited- and happy they are obliging us.


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