Thursday, May 19, 2011

bird feeder.

You probably think we are nuts with all these posts about birds (here, and here). I guess we are just excited about having a house, with a yard, and tons-o-birds.

Back in Chico, I had wanted to find ways to keep Riley occupied while I was at work. I had read that a bird feeder was a great option to pique a cats interest. But sadly, the birds never came. So when we got our house, I wanted to do it right.

We get those coupon mailers, and I go through them every time we get them, and sort coupons to recycle or keep. Most get tossed, but I found one for Wild Birds Unlimited, with a 15% off coupon and free seed. Since they were local, I saved the coupon, and made a trip to the store the other day.

This place was great, I walked in and it was full of bird stuff. And bird helpers. I was greeted, asked what I needed, told them I knew nothing about birds, but needed a feeder and some seed. They hooked me up with this fine looking guy, gave me some seed (and a free sample) and I was on my way!  I also signed up for the bird club. Ryan laughed when I told him, but I get free seed down the road, so I was sold!

I hung the feeder on an already available "s" hook on our cover, and crossed my fingers that the birds would come. AND THEY DID!

It was great. At first I screamed with excitement whenever a bird came (ok, I do it still)- but they kept on coming. And all different types. We don't know their real species names, so we make them up- like Spike. We also have had Woodpeckers and Blue Jay's. And it is so cute, becuase they wait in line to eat. The all line up on the cable line that runs to our house, and when one bird is done, the next goes.

horrible pic- bird right where sun spot is...

So polite.

And, Riley loves it . She freaks out and barks at them. And since we have double-paned windows, they can't hear her, so they feel safe.

They also eat like pigs. They downed the whole tube of seed in two weeks.

But it is fun to be the popular dining location, and we love having them around!

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