Monday, April 18, 2011

ryan's birthday, early.

This is what the closet in our office looks like.

Yes, those are all guitars, or basses, or banjos or some new dohicky that he needed.  So I'd be nuts to add to this stockpile he's got going on.

But I did.

And the situation has at least doubled in size. To the tune of a piano.  That's right, I went certified nuts, and bought him a large instrument to shove in our pea-sized house.  But at least I got a killer deal.

Craigslist, as I've mentioned before, is awesome.  You can buy pretty much anything.  Some people are dumb and waay overprice items.  (I don't care how much you paid for it, a dresser from IKEA should be no more than $20-$50 tops).  But some people get second-life sales prices, and price accordingly.  Pianos, for the most part, fall in the later.  So after seeing these crazy good deals on pianos, I thought I'd take a look.

Ryan's always wanted a piano, but we didn't think it would be wise to get one until we had a more permanent living situation . Well, we do now, and his 26th b-day is right around the corner, so I started window shopping.  And of course I found the best piano, right away, at the completely wrong time- In the middle of moving.

The piano I found was a studio upright.  So it was way cuter than most console pianos, but not as obnoxious as full uprights.  The lady selling it was also so easy to work with.  She emailed me right away, where as I had called countless others with no reply.   The piano was about 45 minutes away, so Thursday night before the big moving weekend, we went down to see the piece.  And it was great, and Ryan loved it, and the couple that was selling it were adorable.  So we left telling them we'd be in touch in the morning.

Right away we thought- yes, of course we will get it.  On Saturday, we will drive the rental moving truck down, and then move the piano ourselves.  But then I got to thinking, and I was like, we are nuts!  A) we can't move a piano up and down a few stairs into a truck by ourselves. B) We have no business buying a piano, no matter how economically priced it was and C) this was the WORST weekend to be dealing with a piano.  We hadn't even moved in yet, we couldn't even guarantee that the thing would fit in the office. While Ryan was disappointed, he understood, and I emailed the family to tell them we'd have to pass.

But then she emailed us back.  And she pulled at our heart, saying she understood the timing and cost issues, but she really wanted us to have it.  She thought it would be going to a good home.  She even offered for us to pay in payments, and she could hang on to it for a little bit longer.  We'd never met a nicer stranger.  So, after showing Ryan the email, he said "can I get it?" And we did.

But, we waited a week, and paid to have it delivered.  And this little fella is now a permanent fixture in our home:

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