Monday, April 11, 2011

my lack of blogging.

I must have been naive, but I thought the minute we bought our house, I'd be blogging up a storm.  I envisioned play-by-play posts and photos of every little thing we were working on.

Then reality set in, and I realized life is too chaotic right now.  I do have a backlog of posts that I have written, that just need the photos put in- but even that to takes too much time.  And I've got boxes to unpack, and taxes to submit (yeah, we've been holding that off as long as we could...)

But, beyond having way too much to do, I have no proper space to blog.  See Ryan has taken over the office.  There is no room for me in there.  Mainly because the cords look like this:

He claims he hasn't properly set up the office space- but this sight alone is reason for me to not enter.  I. Hate. Cords.  And I hate jumbled cords more.

I usually blog on the couch, but even that is in disarray right now, as we have two couches in a far too small area.  So our coffee table isn't in its proper location.

Our kitchen table has become the mecca of "stuff we don't know what to do with" and the kitchen bar doesn't have functional seating yet.

I think you get the drift.

The extra room is going to have a small desk for me that I can use as my own space.  I'll have a place to blog, work on my photo books, sew.  Gosh- it's going to be great.  At first I was going to use our old kitchen table that we had back in Chico.  It had been stored in Ryan's childhood room for the past two years.  I brought it over, set it up, and boy oh boy, it was way too big.  I don't have a lot of room to play with, as this room also houses a bed.

So I went in search of a new table.  First stop,  I actually found a nice contender.  The Leksvik series.

They had a large one and a smaller one.  They were great because they were both made out of wood, and looked like a piece of furniture, not a desk. (Found here, and here).  The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I thought I'd check them out.

We went to Ikea on Friday and I decided I didn't like them.  The style was fine.  But the small desk was too small, and the larger one was too big.  Also, the price tag of $120ish was more than I wanted to spend.

My next thought was a parsons table.  I've seen this desk on many, many blogs that I read.  Usually it is purchased from West Elm.  I love it because it has clean lines, and is very simple.  The normal sized one, shown here:

was too big for the space.  They had a smaller version, for a steep $199.

While way more than I wanted to spend, it was also not the dimensions I was looking for.  So I googled "small parsons desk" and came up with this great solution:

Looks pretty similar right?  Well, it is from Wal-Mart, for $50!  And, it had the perfect dimensions.  If the price didn't sell me, the size did.  It may not be as good of quality as the West Elm (although, our coffee table from Pottery Barn isn't much to write home about), but for the price it will do.  I even found the desk at home in someones house:
And with the monogrammed "C" chair, I couldn't help but swoon.  (I love the lamp too!)  So I placed the order, and will be picking it up from Wal-Mart with no shipping costs this week!


  1. I'm guessing I'll be monogramming a "C" on a chair cover in the not-so-distant future! Cute desk and love the cord picture. I thought all offices had cords that looked like that? Everything will eventually get done...

  2. I love cords and chords. Beautiful music to the eyes and ears.


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