Sunday, April 03, 2011

end of an era.

Tonight we took the last box out of our apartment and locked the door.  It was bittersweet.  We loved living there, and loved life while we lived there.  We both remembered when we found the place and moved in- we couldn't believe how great the apartment was, and we were so excited about life.  We had just moved from Chico, were going to be getting married, and would soon embark on our first worldly adventure.

When we signed our lease.
Putting our Ikea dresser together.
Ryan's first day of work!

My first day of work.
When Ryan cut his finger

It's just a reminder of how great our life really is.

So as I sit in our new place, staring at the mess that lay before me (known as moving & boxes) I am excited about what life may bring for us over the next few years.  Maybe a dog, many home projects, a garden, a kid?  And then the events that will occur to our loved ones- maybe some marriages and trips.  It's all so exciting.

So as it is an end of an era (care-free wedded bliss in a rental) it is the beginning of a new one (wedded bliss and many trips to Home Depot).  Here's to the journey ahead!


  1. I'm SOOOO excited for you guys! Congrats on being brave enough to take such a wonderful, scary, BIG plunge. You'll be fantastic homeowners! :)

    I like the trips idea - but I hope the marriage reference is to many OTHER loved ones in your life besides me. I need a flower girl/ring bearer from you two, so i won't get married until YOU procreate.

  2. I so understand the "bittersweet" part. I think I've got that feeling when we've left all of our houses. I even got it when we said good-bye to the van with "cash for clunkers"!! That car had so many memories - leaving Angela behind in WA (accidentally), Andrew in his cast in WA, driving to the new houses in CA and KS, loaded up to take Bill to college, Christina hitting the pole in the parking garage... I could go on and on. And it was just a van!!

    I guess we can be thankful that most of the memories of these places and things are good memories - there will be some that bring bad memories, but hopefully the good out-weigh the bad in our lives.

    Here's to many good new memories in your new house!

  3. I loved looking at these photos! I'm so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see what you do with the new place.


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