Monday, April 25, 2011

the piano took up the living room.

In college, 2005 to be specific, the Jack Johnson album In Between Dreams came out.  I loved that album, and when I listen to it I am reminded of Chico.  Ah- the glory days!

Beyond being great tunes, a few of the songs do what music does best, and evoke memories.  Particularly, Do You Remember.  It always reminded me of Ryan and I, and our little journey of life.

(For your viewing pleasure, an animated version of the song- this person has too much time on their hands!)

Well- it came on my Pandora play list the other day, and it made me smile.  One lyric is:

Do you remember When we first moved in together?
The piano took up the living room
You'd play me boogie woogie, I played you love songs
You'd say we're playing house, now you still say we are.

The piano has indeed taken up precious space in our house- but I am excited for the music that will come from the monstrosity.  But more importantly, I am excited for the father-daughter bonding that will occur, as Riley loves to sit on the top as Ryan plays.  Here are a few family photos taken on Ryan's b-day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy birthday ryan!

Today Ryan turns the big 2-6.  I always love when his birthday rolls around, because we are once again the same age!

In any case, I wanted to wish my darling husband a happy birthday and well wishes for this upcoming year! Love ya!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

it's for the birds.

So back in our heyday of high school, and during the lazy days of summer, Ryan and I needed projects to fill our time.  (Sitting in Ryan's garage listening to him and Scott play Tool could only take up so much time.)  One day we decided it would be fun to go to Michael's/Jo Ann's and buy those unpainted wood items, and paint them.

We both liked to draw and each had an artistic side, so while this might sound lame to most, we were both pretty excited about it.  We settled on a joint-painted project of a bird house.  We even bought a white picket fence to paint and adhere to the home.  We spent a good while on the house, and each took different parts.  Ryan did the chimney and tree, I did the roof and the back window.  The house was a bright blue.  It was cute.

And then it went to live in Ryan's room, never to see a real bird (we put a bird beanie baby in the hole). And there it hang since 2002.

So when we were at his parent's house grabbing some items we stored there, I spotted the bird house and screamed with delight!  We immediately took it down from its post, removed Tweety, and took it home with our other loot.

I really wanted to hang it outside, but didn't want to have the house get ruined.  So I went to Lowe's and picked up an exterior sealer.  (Let's pretend it's non-toxic.)  I had a minor fence repair to do- let's face it, all homes have work- and then went to town spraying the house to protect it from the elements.

We then hung it outside, so Riley could watch the birds.

And there it hangs.  And it makes me smile.  Who'd thought a summer project from '02 would end up in our home nine years later. <3

Monday, April 18, 2011

ryan's birthday, early.

This is what the closet in our office looks like.

Yes, those are all guitars, or basses, or banjos or some new dohicky that he needed.  So I'd be nuts to add to this stockpile he's got going on.

But I did.

And the situation has at least doubled in size. To the tune of a piano.  That's right, I went certified nuts, and bought him a large instrument to shove in our pea-sized house.  But at least I got a killer deal.

Craigslist, as I've mentioned before, is awesome.  You can buy pretty much anything.  Some people are dumb and waay overprice items.  (I don't care how much you paid for it, a dresser from IKEA should be no more than $20-$50 tops).  But some people get second-life sales prices, and price accordingly.  Pianos, for the most part, fall in the later.  So after seeing these crazy good deals on pianos, I thought I'd take a look.

Ryan's always wanted a piano, but we didn't think it would be wise to get one until we had a more permanent living situation . Well, we do now, and his 26th b-day is right around the corner, so I started window shopping.  And of course I found the best piano, right away, at the completely wrong time- In the middle of moving.

The piano I found was a studio upright.  So it was way cuter than most console pianos, but not as obnoxious as full uprights.  The lady selling it was also so easy to work with.  She emailed me right away, where as I had called countless others with no reply.   The piano was about 45 minutes away, so Thursday night before the big moving weekend, we went down to see the piece.  And it was great, and Ryan loved it, and the couple that was selling it were adorable.  So we left telling them we'd be in touch in the morning.

Right away we thought- yes, of course we will get it.  On Saturday, we will drive the rental moving truck down, and then move the piano ourselves.  But then I got to thinking, and I was like, we are nuts!  A) we can't move a piano up and down a few stairs into a truck by ourselves. B) We have no business buying a piano, no matter how economically priced it was and C) this was the WORST weekend to be dealing with a piano.  We hadn't even moved in yet, we couldn't even guarantee that the thing would fit in the office. While Ryan was disappointed, he understood, and I emailed the family to tell them we'd have to pass.

But then she emailed us back.  And she pulled at our heart, saying she understood the timing and cost issues, but she really wanted us to have it.  She thought it would be going to a good home.  She even offered for us to pay in payments, and she could hang on to it for a little bit longer.  We'd never met a nicer stranger.  So, after showing Ryan the email, he said "can I get it?" And we did.

But, we waited a week, and paid to have it delivered.  And this little fella is now a permanent fixture in our home:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

riley's new digs.

Between the time we got our keys, and when we actually moved in, it was about 2 weeks.  For a few days of the time, we had Riley stay at Grandma and Grandpa's.  They love having their furry grandchild visit, and I LOVE having her away (ha!) so it works out well.  We didn't want her getting out, and getting into our business, which she always does.

Our first night in the house, Riley was still away- and I'm hesitant to say I missed the bugger.  It certainly didn't feel quite like home without her.

So, night two, we brought her over.  And like dorky parents who think their child is THE CUTEST, we filmed the spectacle for all of you to share in-  enjoy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I call all hummingbirds Petey.  Every single one.   And when I see a hummingbird, I scream "Petey!"

I think I took the unoriginal idea from Dumb and Dumber.

In any case, I saw Petey right outside our house the other day, and I decided that I wanted a hummingbird feeder. While more for me, I thought Riley would enjoy it too.

So I went to Home Depot and picked up this cute feeder for $15.  I liked that it wasn't plastic and red.

I also found this great site, that explains what you can fill the feeder with.  Petey uses the feeder like we use coffee, just to get a quick jolt of energy.  So, I don't have to waste my money buying fancy nectar with nutrients and vitamins.  Call me the Starbuck's, not the GNC.

The site also listed this super easy recipe:
  • Use one part ordinary white cane sugar to four parts water.
  • It's not necessary to boil the water. The microorganisms that cause fermentation don't come from the water; they are transported to the feeder on hummingbird bills.
  • Store unused syrup in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
You also don't have to color the mixture red, as it doesn't attract Petey, and indeed may cause tumors for the little guy!

I hung it up yesterday, and he already stopped by for a java break.  I'll post photos soon!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

peter cannon mordoff

That's right, that is the future name of our future child.

I kid, but this web site, baby name genie, was a source of pure entertainment for a good solid five minutes today.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

great tip from my home girl martha!

I subscribe to the Martha Stewart Organizing Tip of the Day.  Yes, it is that serious. Today's tip was genius, so I thought I'd share.

How to Keep Matching Sheets Together in the Closet
Don't let your matching sheets get lost in the linen closet. Use this simple trick: Tuck the sheet set inside one of its pillowcases, and then stack according to size (twin, full, queen, king) or by the room you use the sheets in (master bedroom, guest room.)

Sign up for her tips here.

Monday, April 11, 2011

my lack of blogging.

I must have been naive, but I thought the minute we bought our house, I'd be blogging up a storm.  I envisioned play-by-play posts and photos of every little thing we were working on.

Then reality set in, and I realized life is too chaotic right now.  I do have a backlog of posts that I have written, that just need the photos put in- but even that to takes too much time.  And I've got boxes to unpack, and taxes to submit (yeah, we've been holding that off as long as we could...)

But, beyond having way too much to do, I have no proper space to blog.  See Ryan has taken over the office.  There is no room for me in there.  Mainly because the cords look like this:

He claims he hasn't properly set up the office space- but this sight alone is reason for me to not enter.  I. Hate. Cords.  And I hate jumbled cords more.

I usually blog on the couch, but even that is in disarray right now, as we have two couches in a far too small area.  So our coffee table isn't in its proper location.

Our kitchen table has become the mecca of "stuff we don't know what to do with" and the kitchen bar doesn't have functional seating yet.

I think you get the drift.

The extra room is going to have a small desk for me that I can use as my own space.  I'll have a place to blog, work on my photo books, sew.  Gosh- it's going to be great.  At first I was going to use our old kitchen table that we had back in Chico.  It had been stored in Ryan's childhood room for the past two years.  I brought it over, set it up, and boy oh boy, it was way too big.  I don't have a lot of room to play with, as this room also houses a bed.

So I went in search of a new table.  First stop,  I actually found a nice contender.  The Leksvik series.

They had a large one and a smaller one.  They were great because they were both made out of wood, and looked like a piece of furniture, not a desk. (Found here, and here).  The price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I thought I'd check them out.

We went to Ikea on Friday and I decided I didn't like them.  The style was fine.  But the small desk was too small, and the larger one was too big.  Also, the price tag of $120ish was more than I wanted to spend.

My next thought was a parsons table.  I've seen this desk on many, many blogs that I read.  Usually it is purchased from West Elm.  I love it because it has clean lines, and is very simple.  The normal sized one, shown here:

was too big for the space.  They had a smaller version, for a steep $199.

While way more than I wanted to spend, it was also not the dimensions I was looking for.  So I googled "small parsons desk" and came up with this great solution:

Looks pretty similar right?  Well, it is from Wal-Mart, for $50!  And, it had the perfect dimensions.  If the price didn't sell me, the size did.  It may not be as good of quality as the West Elm (although, our coffee table from Pottery Barn isn't much to write home about), but for the price it will do.  I even found the desk at home in someones house:
And with the monogrammed "C" chair, I couldn't help but swoon.  (I love the lamp too!)  So I placed the order, and will be picking it up from Wal-Mart with no shipping costs this week!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

end of an era.

Tonight we took the last box out of our apartment and locked the door.  It was bittersweet.  We loved living there, and loved life while we lived there.  We both remembered when we found the place and moved in- we couldn't believe how great the apartment was, and we were so excited about life.  We had just moved from Chico, were going to be getting married, and would soon embark on our first worldly adventure.

When we signed our lease.
Putting our Ikea dresser together.
Ryan's first day of work!

My first day of work.
When Ryan cut his finger

It's just a reminder of how great our life really is.

So as I sit in our new place, staring at the mess that lay before me (known as moving & boxes) I am excited about what life may bring for us over the next few years.  Maybe a dog, many home projects, a garden, a kid?  And then the events that will occur to our loved ones- maybe some marriages and trips.  It's all so exciting.

So as it is an end of an era (care-free wedded bliss in a rental) it is the beginning of a new one (wedded bliss and many trips to Home Depot).  Here's to the journey ahead!
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