Monday, March 21, 2011

working 9 to 5.

The other day my sister in law posted about her healthy desk. My desk ain’t healthy, but it is cute. So I thought I’d share.

I’m at my desk far more than any other space on this planet. Gotta love office life. So with that in mind, I set out to help turn my generic cubicle, into a Christina Oasis. It’s not a major overhaul by any means, but the few touches help make it my own.

Here is what I stare at all the live long day. 

Those are my two computer screens, which I’ve grown to love. But beyond that, I have a few nice things to see. First, I customized my desktop image from the boring company logo, to a photo of Campo de Firori in Roma. It was taken right as a storm was about to begin.

 I love this picture. And I love staring at it. I had tried a few graphic images and found them to be a bit too overwhelming. This is tranquil, the essence of Italy, and reminds me of why I work- so I have money for trips!

To the right, I have a photo of Vernaza in Cinque Terre from our honeymoon as well. I printed an 8 x 10 at Costco, and put it in a Target frame. It is crisp and clean, and like I say, LOVE the chunky mat.

My pencil cup is a cheapo find from Anthropologie (supposed to be a drinking glass). I loved the bottom and raised dots. And the color of course. My other mug (a gift from miss Lindsey) holds my paperclips, chapstick and post-it flags. Life’s essentials.

I found my stapler on ebay. (I know, who buys staplers on ebay?). But, it matched my office fabrics, so I was sold! And then we have my mouse pad. I crafted this guy out of a cork place mat from Ikea. I wanted a larger than normal one, so I cut it to size and adhered it with glue. It is getting a little dirty, so I may have to update this soon.

To the other side of my screen, I have a yearly calendar I downloaded for free from I loved the graphic at the top. I also have a “Keep calm and carry on” poster in aqua. It’s a great mantra for work.

Of course I have to have photos. I get teased a lot for having Riley in the frame, and Ryan pinned to the wall. Oh well, it is the pecking order : )

To the right of my computer I have my wall calendar. I spent a lot of time trying to decide how I wanted this. Work provided me with a erasable laminated version. I didn't like how the months were set up, and didn’t like that it was too large for the space. I wanted one that I could write with pencil. I also wanted a calendar that I didn't have to write on the wall with. So I came to this solution. Each month is simply a word calendar that I added a graphic and cut to size. I punched a hole at the top, and hang them with an aqua pin.

So far it’s been great. When I add something, I simply take the month down. And since it is in pencil, it is all erasable. The months don’t align evenly all the time- and I thought this would bother me- but turns out we are a-ok!  The cat is a newer addition- it holds binder clips!

This was a cork board I made for my old desk, since it didn’t have a wall cork board. I just took a cheap cork board from Target and painted it white.  Then I cut my fabric to size and glued it to the cork.  Since I knew my edges wouldn't be perfect, I put an aqua trim around the perimeter.  (For those of you watching closely, my scissors, Keep Calm and Carry on poster and this trim all match.  Yes, I spent precious time working that one out!) I put random things on it, but it fills the space very nicely.

The other side houses my books. I picked up these cute bookends at Homegoods. I usually have more books, but I took some home.

The circles were an idea that my sister had made with fabric in her old apartment bathroom. But, I added cork to them, so they are cork boards. (Same stuff I picked up at Ikea for my mousepad). I used the mouse pad fabric, the bulletin board fabric, and a third pattern to tie the whole cube into place.

So there we are folks, my cube.  If you want to update your space, my suggestion is to go to Jo Ann's and find a fabric.  Or three.  This gave me a great launchpad for the space .


  1. Your cube is way cute! I think you have inspired me. I might try to get some fabric this week to do something with. And maybe I should frame a couple Spain photos. Your idea for a big mouse pad is great!

  2. Very cute!

    I have no cube - just a tiny tiny desk - but I do have a rad view of the hudson river to (mostly) compensate.

    They say I'll be getting a proper desk this summer - if so, jonesing to decorate!

  3. I had no idea that you could do all that to a cube!


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