Thursday, March 03, 2011

purse bag.

A few posts ago when I made a trip to The Container Store, I mentioned my purse bag.  Don't know how else to describe it.  It is my little pencil pouch that I keep all my essentials in- that way, I have everything that I need all the time.

So here is what the bag looks like, it's green (duh) and it is made of recyclable material (also a no brainer).

I find the pencil pouch design works great, as most of the items in it are long and skinny.   I had another bag, more of a makeup bag style, and the items kept falling out when I opened it.  Kind of made the whole convenience factor a waste.

So, without further ado, here is what I've got on me 24/7:

My non-chemical, but totally effective, hand sanitizer by Clean Well

A few packets of Motrin
My small Tupperware container that holds zytrec, Pseudoephedrine, and other drugs as needed.

Dental floss.  Especially for after eating apples.

My chemical-free Costco lip gloss
Tide pen, since I am a messy eater.

Chapstick.  Always need this on hand.
Small swiss army knife. It's quite handy!
Clippers, mainly for those pesky hangnails.
A pen- and this one is my all time fave. Blue and extra fine.

Mouth gel.  I get killer canker sores from time-to-time (family issue), and this stuff is a lifesaver.

Disinfectant spray, to clean gross things on the go- wish I could find a portable eco-friendly option.  Probably could make my own...

Small tin of small Altoids for fresh breath!
A small 100 calorie chocolate bar.  For when I get hungry, or want chocolate.  (Happens a lot).

I also carry girl items (didn't think a picture was needed) and hair ties/claw clips.  This little bag is great, and not only comes in handy for me, but for people that I hang with.  And by having all of these necessities in a pouch, it makes my purse organized and clean, and super easy to switch bags.

Maybe it's the little girl scout in me, but I like to always be prepared!


  1. There's A LOT going on in your purse bag...


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