Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Three years ago today, Ryan and I were engaged.  It is crazy how that seems so long ago sometimes.  Since this is our blog, about our lives, I shall rehash the whole day- as it was legendary for us.

I can't lie and say I didn't know it was coming.  I did. But it didn't make the day/weekend/year and a half of being engaged any less special.  Ryan and I talked about getting married from the day we met.  It wasn't a surprise to me that Ryan wanted to marry me.  We both knew it was going to happen- it was just the matter of when.

I can't quite remember when Ryan brought it up, but he said "we should go to Monterey for the weekend in March."  While I love the guy, he isn't the first to make plans- so I knew this was the trip.  Of course I was onboard, and couldn't wait for the weekend.  We had picked out a place to stay, and had planned on going to the Aquarium for the morning, then to Carmel for lunch on the beach.

We had picked a hotel in Monterey, but Ryan was in charge of logistics.  He had printed out the Google maps- and had booked our accommodations at the wrong hotel, in a few towns over.  I was peeved. I'm not gonna lie. And I wasn't super pleasant for a few minutes : )

The Aquarium was fun- it was where we went for our 1-year anniversary back in our heyday.  Not much had changed, so we went through fairly quickly.

We then ran to Safeway to pick up food for our picnic.  When we got to the beach to eat, I kept thinking- This is gonna be it.  But nope. We ate our lunch, got pelted by sand, packed up, and were on our way.

At this point I thought- hmm. Maybe I'm wrong.  So I think I went back into crabby mood for a good 10 minutes.  This was rectified with coffee and shopping. We then got in the car and decided to drive around Highway 1.

We went up and down, and finally pulled over at Asilomar State Beach.  We wanted to hang out, so we brought some blankets and Ryan grabbed his guitar, and we sat on some rocks.  It  was freezing.  And windy.

Ryan started playing and singing a few songs.  I can't quite remember what.  And I was covered up by one of their old bed comforters to keep warm and just staring out into the ocean.  Then Ryan started playing "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys.  Awhile ago I had asked Ryan to learn that song to play.  But hadn't brought it up since.  As he started singing and playing, I started crying.  I was touched he remembered this song, I couldn't believe he spent time learning it, and I knew this. was. it.

And sure enough, once he was done, he put down his guitar, opened his guitar case, and pulled out the ring.  He didn't have a speech, or long schpeel.  Just a simple, "will you marry me?"

It couldn't have been more perfect for us.  It was simple, relaxed, not a public spectacle- just us and the ocean.  And the wind!  It was so windy, that it made taking pictures so hard!

Before we packed up to leave, I grabbed some sand and a rock from our spot.  [The sand is now in a vase with a candle in our home.]

Back at the car, Ryan pulled out new directions, to a much nicer hotel in Monterey.  He said he didn't book the other hotel in the faraway city.  I felt like an idiot!

We then called our family.  My mom and sister answered the phone, and I told them.  They both freaked out and started crying.  My dad was in the background saying "I already knew" as Ryan had called him to let him know what was going on.  We also called our friend Matt, to see if he'd officiate our ceremony. Once we had called our family, we went to dinner at our favorite local pizza place, Gianni's.

And that my friends, is how we were engaged.


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! I enjoyed hearing the details, especially Ryan leaving fake clues! All the best.

  2. That's a looot of Ryan & Christina photos...

  3. right. But photos of you, or Riley wouldn't make much sense for this post, now would it?


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