Saturday, March 05, 2011

papers signed and fridge shopping.

With our house sale, we got a discount if we used our seller's approved title company.  From what we've been told, our process is a bit different than normal, because the title company isn't local.  Since they are in Southern CA, they sent the papers to a notary, and the notary sat with us to sign them, not the title company.

So today, we met at our Realtor's office to work with the notary.  But before we could sign all the papers, we had to get our cashiers check.  Wowzers, what a scary moment that was!  But worthy of a photo!

Then it was off to her office.  We were worried that without the title company present, we might run into some issues.  But it turned out that the notary guy was great.  He knew a lot, and made sure we signed and dated our papers in the correct format.  (Because apparently it mattered).

After that we went on over to the house.  It was fun to go back- but we are very excited to get in for real!  I've already got Google docs galore of projects I want to conquer, so I am certainly ready to get rolling.  We are supposed to have the keys by Friday, so fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.

After we signed our docs, we hit up Togo's for some lunch, then went fridge shopping.  Wow- what an un-fun event that was!  Sears was having a 30% off Kenmore sale that ends on Wednesday, so we wanted to hit up all the stores before that to ensure we'd get the best price and fridge we could.  When we were at the house today we measured for the fridge.  Turns out we had enough room for a grown-up size fridge.  While excited we've moved up in the world, it comes at about double the price.  Lovely.

We hit up Lowe's, Best Buy, Home Depot and Sears.  All had different fridges, and all so confusing.  By the end of the day we were dragging.  And we ended at Sears.  Which, today was a bad idea.  The sales people were nuts.  I'm not a shopper who likes to have sales people follow me around and tell me what I like and need.  I know what I like and need.  I like to work with the people when I get to the point that I have questions, or confusion.  We were hounded by 3 different sales people, and when another would come talk to us, the previous one would stare and sigh.  It was a jungle, and I wanted out!

We left all the places without fridges, and went to our favorite place to shop, online.  We ended up wanting a fridge with the freezer on the bottom, french doors on top, and no water or computer, as we don't have the hook up.  We narrowed it down to a Maytag and a Whirlpool.

Look the same, right?  Well the winner ended up being the Maytag!  And the vendor?  Home Depot.  They had the lowest price, and were offering 10% on top.  The icing?  The help.  We went around 7ish and had the best lady.  So with our free delivery and extra discounts we were sold.

The result- the MOST expensive day of our lives, so here's to hoping we have money for food to put in this fridge of ours!

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